Selection out of more than 140 studies composed by

Vjatcheslav ilich Prigunov

(or Wjatscheslaw Prigunow)

(Russia, 1950)

 Some information found about him in the book of Leonid Yarosh: Field of Wonders 64 (2003):


Composer of the city of Kazan, whose production stands out for its abundance and quantity, the themes of positional draw.

Graduated from the Physics and Mathematics School with a silver medal Graduate of Kazan State University.

He worked in the design office of the engine-building plant.

Candidate in Master of Sports of the USSR in chess from 1967 to 1986

Multiple medalist of the championship of Tatarstan.

Three-time champion of Kazan and Tatsoveta DSO "Petrel".

Engaged in chesscomposition since 1982.

USSR champion in the national team RSFSR 1987. 


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