The Judit Polgar Chess Foundation Judit Polgar Chess Foundation has organized the Chess Artistry Adventure in memory of Pal Benko.

Pal Benko, a highly respected Hungarian-American grandmaster and composer, was renowned for his awe-inspiring chess masterpieces.


The Chess Artistry Adventure celebrates the artistic side of chess and honors the tireless efforts of composers who bring magic to the chessboard.

Chess studies and composers have played a pivotal role in my personal growth and development, enhancing my understanding of the game and expanding my artistic vision. The joy and inspiration that endgame studies bring to top chess players are widely known. As a way of giving back to the composers' community, I acknowledge their invaluable contributions to chess through various platforms, including masterclasses, courses, live commentaries, and festivals.

The compositions will be presented at Judit Polgar's Global Chess Festival 2023 in Budapest, published on the JPCF website and its online partner pages, and promoted through videos. They will also appear in the periodical Magyar Sakkvilág and on platforms like The studies will be used for publicity purposes by the JPCF, including social media promotion.

Embrace this chance to shine with artistic brilliance.

-Judit Polgar

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More about this event in Budapest on 14 October 2023 at Chess Artistry.

Below the results with the inspired games are shown: