Book review by Peter Boll:

This little book is written by the famous and productive Beasley, John 1940 in the English language and dedicated to Van der Heijden, Harold 1960

This is because of Harold's great work by collecting Chess Endgame studies and presenting them as the Harold van der Heijden Database in PGN format.

 (Website of John Beasley:


The book is issued in 2023, contains 128 pages with over 100 endgame studies in 7 chapters.

It starts with an introduction chapter and ends with an interesting sources and notes chapter,

finalising with an index page of the composers.

(I did not know that the basic ASCII-code used in PGN was based on the average letters on American Typewriters).


The first chapter is an introduction to basic knowledge about pawn endings.

Chapter two handles about one pawn against one pawn.

Chapter three is about two pawns against one.

Chapter four is about four pawns.

Chapter five about five.

Chapter six about six  or seven pawns.

And chapter seven about eight pawns or more.


The studies are accompanied with many diagrams, so you can follow the moves and comments without needing a chessboard.

Storytelling is entertaing and therefore it is a book for relaxing before going to sleep as explained at the rear cover.

But it also explains typical themes, like the feint-Schlechter maneouvre, the tortoise-move or the catchment-square.

It is a nice set of instructive examples which is a good book for learning and enjoying the secrets and surprises in pawn endgames.




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