ARVES Solving tournament in Wijk aan Zee 2016

The seventh international ARVES Study solving Day was held on Saturday, January 23rd 2016

in the school 'De Vrijheit' located at Dorpsduinen 12 / 14 Wijk aan Zee 

(nearby De Moriaan, the venue of the world famous Tata Steel tournament).

Winner GM Twan Burg, Second GM Oleg Pervakov, 3rd Piet Peelen.

Here the complete results of this solving contest.

And a Picture of all the participants:

Details about the nine studies to solve is not possible because they were all new orginals which might tike part in tournaments !

An impression was made with this drawing during the contest by Pia Sprong.


Pictures during the Solving event taken by Harry Gielen.



Past winners: 2009: IM Twan Burg     2010: GM John Nunn   2012: IM David Klein

                       2013: GM JohnNunn   2014: IM Joost Michielsen  2015: FM Wouter van Rijn

The Dutch section of the International Solving Championship (for problems & studies) will be held in the same venue on Sunday, January 24thfrom 10.30 and is open to all. Organizer is:

Hans Uitenbroek e-mail address:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  The ISC is held in various countries simultaneously.