On Youtube you can find many lectures about Chess Endgames and Endgamestudies.

Endgame Study: Saavedra Position

Beauty and Paradox of Endgame Study by Kubbel 1922 [White to play and win]

A Beautiful Endgame Study - V. Korolkov 1951 (White to move and win)

Powerful Domination in Endgame Study by Korolkov -1948 (White to move and win)

Lecture with WGM Anna Sharevich (Endgame Studies and Ideas) - 2014.01.08

Chess Endgame Study: A Short Beauty by Kasparyan (1935) - [White to move and win]

Beautiful Chess Endgame Combination

Chess Beaty #2

Chess Beauty #46

Chess Beauty #80: A mate in 6 by T. Nissl, 1910 that features an intriguing theme, the "Rundlauf" theme

Endgame Study by Andrew Martin

Endgame Studies for Beginners - GM Varuzhan Akobian - 2013.03.07

King and Pawn Endgames - GM Ben Finegold

A study of Eilazyan, Eduard 1956 promoted by Gary Kasparov:

Also this link to Suren has many explained endgame studies: https://www.youtube.com/user/ironjacklondon