An html version of Loman.cql which is not in the file; Created by Gady Costeff.

See an explanation of this manoeuvre at Tim Krabbé's website.

; a square-vacating anti-promotion sacrifice
  :pgn heijden.pgn
  :output Loman.pgn
(position rh4 Kg5 pg7 Ph7 k[f7,f8]
:wtm :flipcolor :shifthorizontal :flipvertical
:attackcount a rh4 0
:attackcount K rh4 1 ) )
After executing this with "> cql Loman.cql" there are 26 studies found in the Harold van der Heijden Database 2015.
NB. When you see {MATCH} in the text, it means that cql has found the position asked for.

Below only 5 studies are presented: