Arves organised at 27th January 2018 the 9th Solving Tournament

during the traditional great Tata tournament in Wijk aan Zee.

Thanks to Yochanan Afek, Luc Palmans  and others this was a succes.

GM Twan Burg has won in Wijk aan Zee the ARVES study solving competition for the 4th time! 

9 studies had to be solved, after which one study was taken out because it was cooked.

The result table:

1 Burg, Twan 28
2 Jacobs, Florian 25,5
3 Van Beers, Eddy 23
4 van Rijn, Wouter 20
5 Peelen, Piet 19,5
6 Wissmann, Dolf 19
7 Van Herck, Marcel 17,5
7 Uitenbroek, Hans 17,5
9 van Briemen, Willem 17
9 Umudova, Nargiz 17
11 de Jong, Migchiel 14
12 Brouwer, Dennis 14
13 Reichardt, Robin 12
14 Hoeneveld, Maarten 8
15 Benak, Harm 8
16 van der Heijden, Harold 8
17 Reichardt, Gert 4
18 Stam, Bart 1


Impression of the solvers.

Winner Twan Burg in front in white shirt.

A moment of silence in memory of Wouter Mees (one of the founders of Arves) who passed away just two days before.


Location Hotel Zeecroft Wijk aan Zee.

Organizer GM Yochanan Afek.

Winner GM Twan Burg.


(Thanks to Luc Palmans and René Olthof for taken the Photo's).


At Yochanan Afek presents an article with more information.