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In the Afek-70-JT-2022 tournament the prize winners are:

1st Prize: Sergiy Didukh

2nd Prize: Vladislav Tarasiuk

3rd Prize: Amatzia Avni and Martin Minski

4th Prize: Branislav Djuracevic.

See as of page 15-19 in the magazine Variantim 89 where also some more articles about studies are available.


In the magazine 64 - 2022 tournament, judge Yuri Bazlov awarded studies starting with

the 2nd prize, for Amatzia Avni,

3rd prize to V. Kuzmichev,

4th prize to Jan Sprenger.

See pdf in the Award-section.


In the UAPA 19th 2022 tournament in the Theme Section:  Suicidal piece fight  

1st prize winner is: Michael Pasman

Second prize to Peter Krug with Mario Garcia.


In the no theme section B1 Win: 1st prize to Jan Timman

In the B2 Draw section the 1st prize is for Mario Macaloni with Daniele Gatti

2nd prize to: Peter Krug

3rd prize to: Oleg Pervakov


Study composed by Martin Minski, dedicated to the two world champion match players

Ding Liren and Ian Nepomniachtchi.

Inspired by their endgame after 25…axb6! in their first tie-break game.

(Congrats to Ding Liren of China, the new World Champion of Classic otb Chess !!)


The first prize winners for the Minski-Nielsen 100 AT tournament are:

M. Sanz Cabrero with Louis Gonzalez

2nd prize to E.Kopylov with Oleg Pervakov

3rd prize to Michael Pasman with Yochanan Afek.


New edition of the spanish Finales Y Temas 128 by José Copié.


In the Springaren 2021-2022 tournament

the first prize winner is: Geir Sune Tallaksen Østmoe

2nd prize for Jan Rusinek

3rd prize to Michael Pasman


Vladislav Tarasiuk from Ukraine shows his Chess Art:


 In the funny study below dedicated to Aprils Foolsday.

Both sides successively exchange all their pieces.

(This is unusually funny).



In the Rossi MT 2022 tournament, the prize winners for the section Win studies are:

1st prize to Jan Timman

2nd-4th prizes to Peter Krug, Michael Pasman and Sergei Osintsev

5th prize to Alexey Gasparyan

6th prize to Yochanan Afek.


For the section with Draw studies:

1st prize to the duo:  Amatzia Avni & Vladislav, Tarasiuk

2nd prize to the duo: Lubos Kekely & Michal Hlinka

3rd prize to Michael Pasman



Alexander Zhukov  has composed 3 original and brilliant studies dedicated to me,

(webmaster of Arves) for my 65th birthday anniversary !

Thank you very much Alexander !!! 


In the Shakhmatnaya Kompozitsiya 2022 5 studies are awarded.

Winners: M.Gromov with Oleg,Pervakov

2nd prize for the duo L. and V. Katsnelson


The results and studies of Arves Solvingcontest 2023Oploswedstrijd 2023

Winner: Dmitrijus Chocenka 


Michael Pasman wins the first prize of the Problemist Ukraine 2022

Second prize to the duo: Steffen Nielsen and Martin Minski.


For the Prusikin 45 JT 2023 

the first prize winner is Jan Timman

2nd prize to Sergiy Didukh

3rd prize for Jan Sprenger

4th prize to Steffen Nielsen


Is there someone who may have a picture of one of these two english composers?

Ellison, Wallace 1911-1999

Sansom, Claude 1914-2013


 Book review: Anthology of miniature Endgame Studies


New book: Anthology of Miniature Endgame Studies by

Afek, Yochanan 1952.

More than 2000 works of art many of which have become classics,

various periods, composers, themes and styles are represented.

At this website it is for sale with this text:

Solving endgame studies has become a major working tool in modern chess training combining the instructive with the enjoyable.

Studies are highly recommended for refining calculating and tactical skills, deepening endgame understanding,

as well as improving creativity and out of the box thinking.

The Anthology of Miniature Endgame Studies is the biggest selection of composed endings with up to seven pieces on the board,

created by the world’s best composers throughout the past 150 years.

The carefully selected studies are categorized into thematic chapters.

The game-like positions highlight the power and typical qualities of each piece alone and in collaboration with other pieces.

From the foreword by GM Jan Timman: “Endgame studies are in fact an important factor in becoming a strong player.

It is significant that both Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen have a keen interest in endgame studies.  

It is praiseworthy that Chess Informant was ready to publish this important work. Afek is arguably the most qualified person to write it.”


You can download or look into an Excerpt of the book, with more than 50 examples.


Task on the cover of the book, white plays and wins:


For the Polish Chess Fed 2022 tournament the prize winners are:

1. Bogusz Piliczewski,

2. Michael Pasman,

3. Sergey Didukh,

4. Andrzej Jasik

5. Peter Krug

6. Michael Pasman.



24 new PDFs available of magazine EG: EG issues 191 - 214


In the ChessStar 2022 tournament the first and second prize are for

World Champion: Steffen Nielsen.

3rd prize to Michael Pasman.


In the Selivanov 55 Jubilee Tournament 2022 the winner is Pavel Arestov.

2nd prize for Yuri Bazlov

3rd prize for Luis Miguel Gonzalez.

4th prize also for Pavel Arestov.

See PDF (section D, page 16)  in Awards Files.


3 new articles for composers:

Blundell, David 1962

Zheltukhov, Viktor 1940

Ranken, Charles 1828-1905


In the miniature tournament Zhigulovskie Zori 2022,

the first prize is for  Luis Miguel Gonzalez,

2nd prize for Jan Sprenger, 3rd prize to Michael Pasman.

See the PDF in Awards Files.


As we just have showed many new books about Endgame studies,

here you may find all of the books (66!!) issued and written by Arves-member:

 Grondijs, Harrie 1946

For details about each book, just click on the picture of the book.


Interesting book (issued by Vasily Lebedev) titled 

111 Magic Studies

composed by Zhukov, Alexander 1963

It is in Russian language, beautiful hard-cover and has more than 500 pages.

More about it at the composers page where also many of the studies in the book are showed.


EG 231 is issued and contains:


Attention for the new Fide Album:

In eight sections you will find 273 two-movers, 241 three-movers, 159 moremovers

, 227 endgame studies,

400 helpmates, 215 selfmates, 357 fairy compositions and 112 retros.

Each chess problem has been selected by a panel of judges and commented on by experts.

Besides that, many pages of indexes and definitions.

More info and sample pages at


Message with thanks from Japan:

"Thank you for your support and contributions to Problem Paradise. 
The magazine celebrated its 100th and final print publication this month. 
Starting with the next issue, all issues will be published online at 
As we celebrate this major milestone, I have decided to step down as its Endgame Editor after 22 years. 
It has been my great pleasure to see the excellent and wonderful studies sent in by composers from all over the world. 
One of my reasons for resigning is to focus on my work as Director of the National Chess Federation. 
Thank you for supporting Problem Paradise for so long.
My successor will be Mr. Ryo Shiomi
Ryo is a strong OTB player, former national champion, and a good chess friend of mine. 
Please send your new studies to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and let me ask for your continued support.
Last but certainly not least, I would like to greatly appreciate Mr. Tadashi Wakashima,
the founder and editor-in-chief of this great magazine, who kindly helped and supported me for a long time.
Thank you all again!
Best wishes,
Hiroshi Manabe."

In the  Ceskoslovensky Sach 2022 tournament the winner is: 

Marek Halski.

Second prize to Sergey Didukh.

3rd prize to Jan Sprenger.

Interesting comments by Martin Minski.


A special edition of Finales Y Temas 126


This time ARVES, EG and this website get extra attemtion

and also a small interview with Peter Boll, the Webmaster.

In there also is a new task for composers to create.

Thanks to José Copié  !!


A new Video by Zhukov, Alexander 1963 at YouTube: 

250 Chess Moves by Alexander Zhukov

Chess Extravaganza


Some new articles were lately added to honor our Composers:

Umnov, Evgeny 1913-1989

Smit, Arjan 1956

Pallasz, Edward 1936-2019

Reddmann, Hauke 1961

Schiffmann, Israel 1903-1930

Burger, Robert 1931-2019

Wason, Peter 1924-2003

Preti, Jean-Louis 1798-1881

Prandstetter, Eduard 1948

Kubbel, Arvid 1889-1938


The prize winners for the Chess Study Art - Ukraine 2022 tournament are:

1. Vladislav Tarasiuk,

2. Michael Pasman,

3. Jan Sprenger.


Two new PDF files see Awards Files :

Prize winners in the 7 Chess Notes 2022 tournament:

1. Sergey Radchenko,

2. Volker Hergert and Martin Minski,

3 Pavel Arestov,

4. Viktor Zheltukhov and Sergei Osintsev,

5. Oleg Pervakov.


Also magazine Variantim 88 with al lot of Endgame Studies like by Michael Pasman

and an interesting article by Gady Costeff about composer Simkhovich.

Also a lot of Original studies to be found.


Happy new year 2023 to all chess art lovers !


Good news:

Chief Editor of EG, Harold van der Heijden, has announced to issue new PDF files with olders EG-issues.

They will come available at this website soon.


Sad news:

Dutch composer Van Breukelen, Gijs 1946-2022 

passed away last wednesday 21.12.2022.

At the website of chessclub Paul Keres an in memoriam in Dutch is written:

Also at the website of HMC Den Bosch an in memoriam.

At ChessBase this nice article was published in 2018 about his famous study called the Tractor problem.



The final award: Skovoroda 300 - 2022 is available, with a slight improvement, See Awards section.

Steffen Nielsen sent an improved version of his study, which is given the 5th prize to this study in the final award.


For the German Schach-magazine ty 2020-2021,

the first prize winners are Martin Minski with Amatzia Avni.

Special prize for Worldchampion Steffen Nielsen.

Schach 2020-2021


Interesting new book issued by Elk and Ruby 

about Chess-victims of the former Soviet Totalitarianism.

Book review: The Lubyanka Gambit

First published in Russian in 2004 and now available in English for the first time,

The Lubyanka Gambit is a classic work investigating the darkest side of chess history in the Soviet Union. 

It is the culmination of nearly two decades of research

by Correspondence Chess Grandmaster, historian and human rights campaigner Sergei Grodzensky,

whose own father was sent to the Gulag in Stalin’s times.

It describes the careers and life stories, based on archival documents and witness testimony, of Soviet chess composers,

players and famous amateurs who were repressed by the Soviet authorities, ending up either executed or sent to the Gulag.

Featured names include Lazar Zalkind, Arvid Kubbel, Mikhail Platov, Sergei Kaminer among many others.

The theoretical contribution to the history of composition is one key theme in this work.

The Lubyanka Gambit also looks in detail at the historical context of the purges of chess players a

nd describes how chess was played by prisoners in the Gulags and internal exile.

Perhaps the icing on the cake is provided by Grodzensky’s personal memories of the Soviet Union’s foremost Gulag writers

Alexander Solzhenitsyn (his schoolteacher) and Varlam Shalamov (his father’s close friend).

This book contains 72 full games and fragments analyzed by the participants, contemporaries,

the author and other leading players, as well as 145 computer-checked compositions.


In the magazine tournament StrateGems 2022,

the first prize winner is Richard Becker,

2nd prize to Jan Timman,

3rd prize to Sergey Osintzev.

See the PDF report in the Awards Files


Task on the cover of the book, white plays and wins:


Book written by Chessfriend Beasley, John 1940 

At this website it is for sale with this text:

The endgame study shows chess at its simplest, and yet at its most fascinating.

The board is wide open, every man has a role to play, and one or more moves are delightfully unexpected.

This book contains the cream of British endgame study composition.

It features a hundred studies from the thirteenth century to the present day,

ranging from elegant trifles to masterpieces in which subtlety follows subtlety.

Each study is expounded in simple terms, with multiple intermediate diagrams to give easy reading.

It will give pleasure to beginner and experienced player alike.



More about this book in:

Book review: The Pawn Study Composer's Manual, Mikhail Zinar

New edition by Sergei Tkachenko.


Text from the back of the book:


"Have you ever thought about trying your hand at composing endgame studies?

Probably not, it always seemd far too difficult. But now, your chance to learn the tools is finally here!

Mikhail Zinar's composition manual, first published, first published in Ukraine in 1990 with a 100.000 print run that has long sold out

and now updated and revised by Sergei Tkachenko, revelas the secrets that will give you a head-start in composing chess poetry!


Dissecting over 400 examples, Zinar's manual begins by explaining the basic tactics of pawn studies: simplest maneuvres, roundabout way, feint, luring into check,

Grigoriev anti-check feint, anti-check retreat and king double threat (Eilazyan branch).

It then goes on to consider key study ideas, including beacons, winning a pawn, checkmate, stalemate, anti-stalemate,

underpromotions, studies with two or more phases, domination, anti-domination and logical studies.

Further sections of the book cover artistic requirements for endgame studies, pratical tips and a series of demanding tests that you may spend days, weeks or even months completing.


Careful study of this book will not turn you into an overnight prize-winning sensation, but following its recommendations and putting in hard work will place you firmly on the right path.

Today's leading Ukrainian studies composer Sergei Didukh told Sergei Tkachenko that he read Zinar's manual several times before he composed his first study."

More about Zinar, Mikhail 1951-2021


The results of the  Ukraine 23rd Individual Champ 2019-2021 with 6 of the best studies.

The report in the PDF-file at the Awards Files page


In the  Skovoroda 300 - 2022 tournament

(in rememberance to the Ukrainian humanist educator, traveling philosopher, poet and teacher,

born 300 years ago, on December 3, 1722, in the village of Chernukhy, in the Poltava Region)

1st prize winner is Jan Timman.

2nd prize for David Gurgenidze,

3rd prize to Michael Pasman,

4th prize for Igor Jarmonov.

(See PDF report (Ukranian language) in Awards Files)


The winner of the Jenever bottle for the fast composing tournament Arves Jenever 14th 2022 is

Michael Pasman.


Nine nice studies in the 6th Youth CCC 2022.

1st prize winner:  Ilija Serafimović 

2nd place for:  Ben Smolkin 

3rd place:  Dylan Schenker 

4th place:  Ural Khasanov 

5th: Taras Rudenko,  6th: Anirudh Daga 7th: Sergiienko Andrii  8th: Nikita Ushakov 9th: Andrew Vodinh-Ho

See also the PDF-report in Awards Files


The UAPA 18th 2022 has 3 sections.

In thematic Section A the winner is Oleg Pervakov, 2nd prize to Michael Pasman,

3rd prize to Pavel Arestov, 4th prize to Mario Garcia.


In the free section B1 (wins) 1st prize also to Oleg Pervakov, 2nd prize to Jan Timman.

In the free section B2 (draws) 1st prize to David Gurgenidze, 2nd prize again to Michael Pasman 


In the FRME 8th 2022 ty the prize winners are:

1st rpize to Mario Micaloni & Daniele Gatti (Italy)

2nd prize for Jan Rusinek (Poland),

3rd prize for Michael Pasman (Israel),

4th prize to Sergiy Didukh (Ukraine).

See the PDf in Awards Files


In the this pdf file in Section-D you may find 14 Endgame studies in the report for the

21st Russian Team Championship for Composing.

On the picture of the winning team on the right: Pavel Arestov


In the 4rd FRME TT 2022 tournament

the 1st prize winner is Luis Gonzalez.

2nd prize winner Michael Pasman.

See the complete report in  PDF in Awards Files


Sad news from Armenia.

At 13-10-2022 Kasparyan, Sergey 1952-2022 passed away.

At the website of Selivanov an obituary in Russian language.

The translation to English is also available in the above article about him.


With all the sad news which daily comes from Ukraine,

at least we have some nice art coming from it with the results in the:

Problemist Ukraine 2021

1st prize winner: Amatzia Avni and second prize to Oleg Pervakov.

Lets hope for peace as we as chess players live by: Gens Una Sumus.


In the Awards Files is the pdf with the Moscow-2022 tournament report.

12 interesting studies with winner Oleg Pervakov.


EG 230 is issued:


Two studies awarded for the Slovakia Pravda magazine 2020-2021, (See section D. Studie)

both from the specialists Ľuboš Kekely and Michal Hlinka


Chessbase India brings another interesting article in the series Chess Artistry Adventure 

with 7 studies.


Interactively showing and solving Endgame Studies by Top Grandmasters becomes popular.

Here Anish Giri  and top Indian GM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi are tested at Chessbase India.

Also Praggnanandhaa is asked to solve these difficult studies i.e. of Martin Minski, Jan Timman, Yochanan Afek and David Gurgenidze.


Chessbase often shows a study of the month.

Here some links to them,

September 2022 with an article about Jan Sprenger;

August 2022 about Aliens and Alexander Kazantsev;

July 2022 about Malyutka's


At page 9-10 of the Variantim magazine no. 87, Michael Pasman extensively reports and comments 5 Israeli studies.


After the results of the WCCI 2019-21 there are some new titles for study composers:

FIDE International Master titles for: Amatzia Avni and Árpád Rusz

 FIDE Master titles for: Branislav Djurasevic, Luis Miguel Gonzalez and Jan Timman

Congratulations !!


Great article from Satanick Mukhuty on Chessbase India for the Global Chess festival.

The same fantastic studies now in article to reread and replay.


Suomen Tehtavaniekat has published its old catalogue of members.

About finnish composers


Chessbase India on Youtube with Judith Polgar about her Global Chessfestival and interesting Studies to be solved.

Excellent presentation by Judit Polgar and Sagar Shah for 1hour and 47 minutes.

With studies and stories about composers like Yochanan Afek, Martin Minski, Jan Timman and David Gurgenidze.


Article in Spanish language at this Argentinian website, with studies composed by

Martin Minski with spectacular Queen sacrifices!


Interesting and long Interview with

World Champion Steffen Nielsen 



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Donations are welcome and appreciated.

You may pay by bank to

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 Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen

of Denmark is the new

FIDE World champion

in the section of Endgame studies composing !!

Slumstrup Nielsen, Steffen 1975


2nd place to former world champion Oleg Pervakov, Russia

3rd place for Serhiy Didukh, Ukraine

Use this PDF to see the complete Ranking list.


Preliminary (anonymous) results for the 10th FIDE World cup are available !


In the magazine tournament organized by the British Chess Problem Society The Problemist 2020-2021 

the first prize winner is: Gady Costeff

2nd prize for Amatzia Avni with Martin Minski,

3rd prize goes to Jan Timman,

4rd prize is for Petr Kiyakov with Pavel Arestov.


The prize winners of the Polish Chess Federation 2021 tournament are:

1st prize Steffen Nielsen, Denmark
2nd prize Mikhail Gromov, Russia
3rd prize Andrzej Babiarz, Poland
4th prize David Gurgenidze & Martin Minski, Georgia and Germany
5th prize David Gurgenidze & Vazha Neidze, Georgia
6th prize Mario MICALONI & Marco Campioli, Italy
7th prize Vladislav Tarasiuk, Ukraine


Great composers meet yesterday as friends at the home of Jan Timman in Arnhem (NL):

(from left to right: Jan Sprenger, Jan Timman, Martin Minski and Yochanan Afek).


In the French Phenix 2021 Tournament, Judge Jan Sprenger only gave honorable mentions to

Sergey Osintsev, Michael Pasman and Itay Richardson and 3 recommendations.


Preliminary results of the 7-Chess-Notes-2021 tournament are:

1st prize to L.M. Gonzalez,

2nd prize to Pavel Arestov

3rd prize to Martin Minski

4th prize to Vladislav Tarasiuk


Interesting article about creating studies from games in the Macedonian Problemist

"Strip or massage?" by Steffen Nielsen


The winners of the Shakhmatnaya-Kompositzia 2021 tournament (see PDF) are:

First prize for N. Rjabinin with K. Sumbatjan.

2nd and 3rd prize !! both for Jan Sprenger 

4th prize is for Pavel Arestov.


In the Japanese Problem Paradise 2021 tournament there were two theme sections:

For the theme: "Up till 10 pieces".

The 1st/2nd prize are shared by Michael Pasman and Sergey Osintsev.

The 3rd prize is for the late Marco Campioli.


For the theme: "More than 10 pieces"

The 1st/2nd prize are shared by Peter Krug and  Michael Pasman.

3rd prize to Michael Hlinka with Lubos Kekely.


The UAPA 17th 2022 tournament had 3 sections.

The winner for the theme sections ""Two Rooks and a minor piece (White or black) , against equivalent forces.

Slogan: Win or Draw (other pieces may be presented at the beginning)" is Michael Pasman.

For the Win section the winner is: Richard Becker. 2nd prize for Lubos Kekely with Michael Hlinka, 3rd prize to Micahel Pasman

For the Draw section the winner is Sergey Osintsev, 2nd prize for Peter Krug with Mario Garcia.


Winners of the double MT tournament: Babich-115 and Olimpiev-85 MT 2022 are

Martin Minski with Jan Sprenger.

2nd prize for Michal Hlinka with Lubos Kekely and Pavel Arestov.


Again some new pages about composers added:

Mendheim, Julius 1781-1836

Meyer, Heinrich 1839-1928

Murkisch, Godehard 1940

Wrobel, Marian 1907-1960

Sedlak, Ludek 1954

Khenkin, Viktor 1923-2010

Muradov, Muradkhan 1950

Pomogalov, Vasily 1935-2020

and personal birth/death data found about: Bahr, Walter 1905-1986


Michael Pasman is the first prize winner in the Suomi Tehtäväniekka 2020–2021 tournament.

2nd prize to David Gurgenidze.

In the PDF you can find the Finnish comments as of page 63.


EG readers possibly have read the article by Emil Vlasak who explains the latest developments about CQL.

He also mention the new tool CQLi.

You can check out the powerfull possibilities?

See also: Chess Query Language 6


In magazine Variantim 86 there is an interesting article about Underpromotion by Gady Costeff.

And also the report of the Israeli Ring Tournament 2021 judged by Geir Sune Tallaksen Østmoe with 8 nice studies .

The first prize winner is: Jan Rusinek.

2nd prize goes to Jan Sprenger.


A flaw found for Bahr's pawn endgame rule by Francesco Santelli !

The flaw in Bahr's rule


The popular book by Yochanan Afek now also translated into Turkish !

For Turkish readers available at:


Following its English, French, Spanish and Italian editions the book Extreme Chess Tactics
by Yochanan Afek is now out by the publishing house of the Russian Chess Federation!
The book is aimed at shaping and improving one's tactical skills by solving friendly classical endgame studies and combinations of world champions.
The book is available in English by Gambit:
The publishing house of the Russian Chess federation also realeased last year a 2-volume edition of the title Practical Chess Beauty by the same author
which had been originally released in English by Quality Chess and is a selection of the author's best studies and games.


The legendary Russian grandmaster Yuri Averbakh passed away in Moscow.

Yuri Averbakh was the world’s oldest living Grandmaster.

He became 3 months older than 100 years !

He was very important to Chess Endgame theory.


(Picture taken by Harold van der Heijden, 2002)


See more about him at ChessBase news.

and look at his Endgame studies: Averbakh, Yuri 1922-2022


The study below is dedicated to the 70th birthday of Yochanan Afek.

"This study was inspired by an analysis of a recent game.


(diagram 3811: Johann Hjartarson against Mats Andersen, Reykjavik 2022)

In the game a bishop promotion was possible. Ilham Aliev had the great idea to add a second underpromotion.

Yochanan is a very strong OTB player and a great composer. We hope he will like this game-like study! Happy birthday to our friend Yochanan!"

This picture of congress in Ostroda 2015, (Afek, Aliev, Minski).


Book issued by

Gatti, Daniele 1987:


The book is named "Professione Problemista" (literally "Job: Problemist"),

subtitled "Avvicinamento alla composizione scacchistica" (literally "invite to chess composition")

and was published in March 2022 by the Italian publishing house Messaggerie Scacchistiche

(an historical one, and the only one in Italy specialized in chess books).
The book is written in Italian language.

It is his first book about chess (He wrote others but about other matters).

The purpose of the book is teaching composition to the total newbies, showing theory and practice

with progressive increase of difficulty and examples proposed (some "live composing" also included)

and added are also a collection of his best selfmates AND endgame studies (40 of each).

In endgame studies Daniele like bizarre ideas so there are many selected, together with more classical themes and configurations.


Buying the book is possible with these links:

Messaggerie Scacchistiche

or Amazon

Study dedicated to and worrying for Igor Yarmonov:


Some sad news comes in from chess composers lately:

Peter Krug reports that he lost his income due to the hard covid restrictions in Austria.

That is also the reason he could not take part in the WCCI.


Vladislav Tarasiuk reports from Ukraine where he works in a hospital near Kharkov. He fears for his life and that of his family every day.

About 600 houses in Kharkiv are destroyed. In the rest of the houses there is no gas, no heating, no electriciy.

Composer Vladimir Samilo lives in such hard conditions.

The contact with fellow composer Igor Yarmanov, from Mariupol, is gone for more than a week now.


Hans Uitenbroek wins ARVES Studies Solving Tournament 2022

See the report by Luc Palmans

Oploswedstrijd 2022


International Master Vladislav Tarasiuk from Ukraine composed the following endgame study with a message:

Let us love the peoples of the world

and respect their rights!


At Peter Wong has written two articles about (10) strong chess players

who were/are also problem or endgame study composers.

Although all of them have articles here at Arves, his stories and comments are very interesting:

(See i.e.=: GrandMasters otb)


Part 1

(About: Pal Benko, Oldrich Duras, Paul Keres, John Nunn and Richard Reti)

Part 2

(About: Ladislav Prokes, Yochanan Afek, Ladislav Salai, Milan Vukcevich and Genrikh Kasparyan).


For our Dutch readers/member, you may find an interesting part about Endgame Studies

in the January Newsletter (page 10) of schaakacademieapeldoorn written by Karel van Delft.

He refers to a Youtube presentation in English by GM Maurice Ashley where a famous study by Yochanan Afek is presented.

In text you may find this excellent study also presented (in Dutch) in older article by David Klein at

Have fun.


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Older messages can be found at menu News: Archived news messages


L. Prokes 1934

White plays and makes a draw!


More animated studies are found on this website. Look around...




Bone,W 1904

White plays and wins.


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