Arves organised at 28th January 2017 the 8th Solving Ty

during the traditional great Tata tournament in Wijk aan Zee.

Thanks to Yochanan Afek, Luc Palmans  and others this was a succes.

GM Twan Burg has won in Wijk aan Zee the ARVES study solving competition for the third time! His wife WGM Nargiz Umudovawas fourth in her debut solving contest ever!

The strong field of 20 experienced solvers from 7 countries included two former world solving champions as well as the current world's best study composer GM Oleg Pervakov.

Photo: Rene Olthof


Two names are slightly mistaken in the score table: should be 4) Nargiz  15) van Briemen 

A selection of photo's by Harry Gielenfrom the International Solving competition on Sunday ,January 29 2017 may be found here: