Selection out of 26 studies composed by

Knud Harold Hannemann

(Denmark, 16.2.1903 - 1.5.1981)


He was International Master of the FIDE for chess composition since 1973.


ChesscomposerBlogspot reports about him:

He wrote an anthology of his chess problems: "The Danish wizard: one hundred chess problems of Knud Harald Hannemann selected by their author".

A Zip-file with his Problem-compositions can be downloaded from

The danish report about (translated):

He was born in Randers as son of H. Hannemann, a strong player and known problematic.
Knud debuted as a 11 year old with a task he had composed in collaboration with his father.  
As time went by Knud composed about 800 problems, of which 101 can be seen in the book "The Danish Wizard",
which the Dutch Meindert Niemeijer published in 1963.
Also in the FIDE albums Hannemann is richly represented.
In the first three he has 24, 7 and 6 tasks with.  
In Imola, at the FIDE problem committee meeting in 1973, he was named Denmark's first International Master for chess composition.
Hannemann was the task editor of Skakbladet 1926-27, and co-founder of the Danish Skakproblem Klub in 1932.
He also edited the chess gap in Nationaltidende for several years.  
Hannemann has written countless articles about problem shakes, so he described in his 1923 Skakblad a theme: "Trippel intersection".
He was involved in all the tasks, ranging from more extensive to retro tasks.

(All his studies, more exact dates, possible corrections or cooks and exact details about sources can be found in the

Harold van der Heijden database V (31-12-2015) )