For the celebration of 2800 years of existence of Yerevan,

the awarded studies for this tournament held in 2018.


We received a remark about the study of Yuri Bazlov (1-2 prize). It was suggested to compare it with the following study:

O.Pervakov "Schakend Nederland", 1995 White: Kh5,Rb5,Rg5,p.d7 (4) Black: Kf7,Qc4,Ra7 (3) 1-0 1.d8Q Qe2 2.Kh6 Ra6 3.Kh7 Rh6 4.Kxh6 Qe6 5.Qf6 Qxf6 6.Kh7 Qc3 7.Rbe5 Qh3 8.Rh5 +-

When comparing of Pervakov and Bazlov studies, we came to a common opinion: 

Pervakov’s study is not a predecessor to Bazlov’s study , but only has some similarities in the ideological game and naturally does not lower the estimate of Bazlov’s study.

Thus , the preliminary results of the competition remains unchanged.

The competition judges : Sergey Kasparyan & Alexey Gasparyan, 15.10.2018.