Selection out of 83 studies composed by

Boris Vladimirovich Badai (Azerbaijan, 1911-1967).

Featured composer of Azerbaidjan, born in the city of Baku, who was also enthusiastic in the practice of the game. In his adolescence, between 1925 and 1927, he dedicated himself to problems and studies, but left all chess activity while studying the career of naval engineer and then, when exercised his profession. The engineer Badai stopped composing this way for something more than 30 years, but when he reappeared he did so with such vigor that in a short time produced about 60 Studies, in half of which received various rewards in contests. Badai did not belong to any school of composition nor did he conform to dogmatic principles, and in that regard he once said: "When I start to compose studies, I never set a favorite subject or a specific material. I composed the greatest variety of types of studies without any preconception, as soon as I was sure to be able to express an interesting idea, that could reach the heart of the chess players. " Judging by the following studies, Badai's method of work allowed him to achieve very good results, both from the point of view of artistic creation and the prizes obtained in the competitions where I participate, and six of his best Studies published in the Album Of FIDE confirm this.

Source: “El arte del Estudio del Ajedrez”- T.IV (Ex Unión Sovietica) Autor: Zoilo R. Caputto- Bs.As. (Argentina) - 1996.

Study selection by Mario Garcia.

3 corrections by Peter Krug.

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