Hans Uitenbroek wins ARVES Studies Solving Tournament 2022 

After a forced break of three years, the Dutch problemists organized again their traditional meeting in Nunspeet.

Although the program was mostly focused on chess problems, ARVES was invited to join the forces with a solving tournament for studies on Sunday morning.
Six “not very difficult” studies to solve in maximum two hours were offered to the 14 participants.

For the readers, who like to test themselves, we have included the pdf-files with the diagrams, solutions and results.

Not to spoil the fun, we don’t give much details.
To his big surprise, Hans Uitenbroek won the tournament.

He had the same score as record holder Marcel Van Herck, but his time was better.

Wouter van Rijn, an old winner of the studies solving tournament at Wijk aan Zee, finished in third place.
There were two other solving tournaments in Nunspeet on Saturday.

In the morning Eddy Van Beers won the Open Dutch Solving Championship.

In the evening the speed solving tournament was won by David Hodge.

This new event proved to be very popular, and included also a round where the solvers had to find the key moves of the final combinations of studies (comparable with the cover of our magazine EG).

All the details of these events are on the website of Probleemblad.

Solvers at work





The studies to Solve:



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The solutions:


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