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Update: 25-11-2018:

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10th International Solving Contest Arves 2019 at Wijk Aan Zee during Tata Steel chess touunament at Saterday 27-1-2019.

See for details Agenda

Details in Dutch at Schaaksite.


14-11-2018: New issue of Finales Y Temas 106


New book by Yochanan Afek expected by the end of this month !

Practical Chess Beauty


Cook found in 2nd prize study in Hillel Aloni 80 MT 2017

Correction is created and added to this page.


 Everyday a quote in the footer of each page about chess or art.

Fide Master Peter Krug has composed a study in memory of Vandecasteele, Ignace 1926-2018


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New tournament results with many nice studies to replay !


28.8.2018: Some technical updates are done: new Joomla version 3.8.12 and upgrade to PhP 7.2.

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Sadly to inform you that Grandmaster Virgil Nestorescu died at 21.6.2018.

More about it him can also be found at the Romanian website:

and at Nestorescu, Virgil 1929-2018 


L. Prokes 1934

White plays and makes a draw!


More animated studies are found on this website. Look around...




Bone,W 1904

White plays and wins.


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