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A new book issued by Sergei Tkachenko:

Yakov Vilner, First Ukrainian Chess Champion and First USSR Chess Composition Champion: A World Champion's Favorite Composers


A new book : An English edited version of De Koning and De Koningin in one volume.    

Translation by: Yochanan Afek.


This book now on the ECF Book of the year 2019 shortlist !

Or to be found on this website:


The leading publishing house Quality Chess has just released a new title by Yochanan Afek

Practical Chess Beauty

Summing up a creative career of over 50 years the new hardcover book introduces in 464 pages

Yochanan’s selected endgame studies, games and fragments, as well as bites from his problems in other genres all presented in thematic chapters.

The book is available in online chess shops and on the publisher’s website also in a digital version from Forward Chess.

Look it up here:

Practical Chess Beauty

Author Yochanan Afek with Jan Timman (left) and the new book. 


Who won the bottle of Jenever in the quick composing tournament Arves 12th Jenever 2019 ?


Sad news: Benko, Pal 1928-2019 died at the age of 91.

At you may read more about his great chess career.

In Memory of Pal Benko by Vladimir Samilo


Martin Minski with Steffen Nielsen win the Phenix 2018 tournament.


Results and report of the 4th Youth Chess Composing Challenge.

The study section of the Youth Chess Composing Challenge 2019 was won by American Christopher Yoo in front of Andrii Sergiienko, Ukraine, who secured both 2nd and 3rd place.


Gromov, Pervakov and Sumbatyan win the

Vladimir  Bron 110 MT 2019

33 compositions competed in the tournament in memory of Vladimir Bron.
An epic study by the Russian trio Gromov, Pervakov and Sumbatyan was succesful
in front of another tactical cowork by Martin Minski (Germany) and Steffen Nielsen (Denmark).
Third and fourth place were shared between Yuri Bazlov (Russia)
and yet another cooperation by Alexander Zhukov and Vasily Lebedev (both Russia).
Even the judging was a cowork by Sergey Osintsev (Russia) and Vladislav Tarasiuk (Ukraine).


12th ARVES Jenever Tourney 2019

ARVES is pleased to announce its 12th Jenever Tourney at the 62nd WCCC in Vilnius.

Theme: Win or draw study. Black captures a piece or pawn with check. Instead of recapturing,

White interposes another piece or pawn. Of course, unlike this otb example the entries should give clear = and +- evaluations after the two possibilities.

Tournament director & Judge: Marcel Van Herck.

Submit your entries (diagram + full solution) to Marcel Van Herck during the congress until Thursday, August 22nd 2019 at 20:00.

The tourney is open only for congress participants.

Prize: a bottle of Jenever for the winner.

Full announcement.


Peter Krug & Mario Garcia win the Springaren 2018 tournament


Ivanna Infantozzi supplied new information and nice pictures about her grandfather: Infantozzi, Julio 1916-1991


Magazine EG 217 is issued.

Contents and more to replay.


In four sections the winners of the UAPA 8th 2019 Foguelman 95 MT are:

Richard Becker, Peter Krug & Mario Garcia, Jan Timman & Mario Garcia and Peter Krug.


Chessfriend and Clubmate Brent Burg 

(not family of Twan Burg)

did show this bold position (at the Chessclub Dubbelschaak97)

which has only one solution and is hard to find.

May be not good enough for a prize winner, but anyway an endgamestudy !

Specially at the first move white has many options.


 Peter Krug meets Martin Minski 2019


Andrzej Jasik (win section) and Jan Timman (draw section)

win the Japanese magazine tournament: Problem Paradise 2018


Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen and Martin Minski win the Romanian tournament Bucovina 100 Years Cup 2018.

e4-e5 100 Years Cup 2018


New book by Sergei Tkachenko:

100 studies with just bishop and knight.


 Dolf Wissmann has made an accurate summary with the results of the Arves Solving contests organized since 1995:

Arves Solving contests statistics



Russian Oleg Pervakov is the old and new world champion of endgame studies.


The scores of the studies section of the 2016-2018 WCCI have been released, securing Pervakov the honours for the fourth time, this time scoring 42,5 points.

Compared to the last cycle where Pervakov won with 5,5 points' lead,
the race this time around was much closer.
Winning silver is Martin Minski (Germany) with 41,25 points
followed by Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen (Denmark) with 40,5
and Sergey Didukh (Ukraine) close behind in fourth with 40.

The judges of the championship were Harold van der Heijden (The Netherlands),
Martin Minski (Germany), Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen (Denmark),
Peter Gyarmati (Hungary) and Arpad Rusz (Romania). 40 composers competed for the title.
Studies scoring more than 8  (of 12) points in the WCCI automatically qualify for the FIDE Album.
There were 65 such studies, including all six studies by the top 6 composers.
Replay the judged studies here: World championship 2016-2018
All scores and studies are available at the


Jan Timman wins the Pal Benko 90 Jubilee Tournament 2019.

Benko 90 JT 2019


Amos Gilboa and Yochanan Afek win the Velimir Kalandadze MT 2019

 A theme tourney for rook studies was held by the the Chess Composition Committee of the Georgian Chess Federation. 43 studies competed. The judge David Gurgenidze awarded 19 of them, including 5 prizes The tournament was a success for the Israeli duo Amos Gilboa and Yochanan Afek presenting a miniature with several precise rook moves culminating in a midboard stalemate. The following prizes were won by Luis Miguel Gonzalez (Spain), Oleg Pervakov (Russia), Steffen Nielsen (Denmark) and Andrii Sergiienko/Vladimir Samilo (Ukraine).

Wladimir Kuzmiczew of Russia wins the Polish Chess Federation 2018 tournament.

NEW: Replayable studies now available: Polish Chess Federation 2018


 Sadly Dutch composer Balemans, Teun 1951-2019 had died last April.


Sergey Didukh wins the FIDE World Cup 2019

38 of the world's top composers competed in one of the most prestigious events of the year, the FIDE World Cup. Judge Tarasiuk (Ukraine) awarded 10 of the studies. The winner was Ukrainian Sergey Didukh, who presented two perfectly matched sacrificial main lines. Both second and third prizes were awarded to purely tactical studies. Martin Minski (Germany) secured second prize with a study showing both subtle foresight and an array of sacrifices. In third prize 12 year old Christopher Yoo (USA) once again showed his talent with mutual queen sacrifices and other tactics. The awarded studies can be replayed here



Amatzia Avni has dedicated an original study to the participants of Netanya nternational Chess Festival (June 23nd- July 2nd)



Arestov and Zhukov triumph in Shakhmatnaya Kompozitsiya 2018

The annual tourney of the russian chess problem periodical Shakhmatnaya Kompozitsiya saw the first and second prizes split between Pavel Arestov and Alexander Zhukov (both Russia). Arestov's study shows subtle logical play with the material RBB vs Q. In Zhukov's study White plays for stalemate already at move 4, but is not succesful until move 17. The succes of the Russian duo was emphasized by the fact the both composers won 3rd prize as well with a joint study. The tournament was judged by Sergey Osintsev who awarded 15 of 22 studies.



 Peter Krug composed a study dedicated to Timothy Whitworth:


Sad news:

At 17.4 Timothy Whitworth died.

A tribute to him you may read at the John Beasley Website.


Whitworth, Timothy 1932-2019



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Picture found of russian composer Prigunov, Vjatcheslav 1950


The amazing Chess Query Language (CQL) developed by Gady Costeff and Lewis Stiller

has got it's final 6.0 release !

Look here for the latest Release Notes with the improvements and changes.

You may download this FREE software from their website.


The Problemist march 2019 by Yochanan Afek


Eddy van Beers wins the Arves solving contest at Nunspeet:

Oploswedstrijd 2019


4-3-2018: New issue of Finales Y Temas 108



Anna Haast wins the 10th International Solving Contest Arves 2019 at Wijk Aan Zee

during Tata Steel chess tournament

Arves 10th solving Ty 2019


Tip: the Chessify app on your mobile phone

(Apple and Android):


Chessify is a must-have tool for chess lovers.

It allows to scan and digitize chess diagrams from books, journals, pdf files,

or other sources with acceptable recognition efficiency,

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The app also allows the users to analyze the digitized positions either locally or on cloud servers for free.

The strongest chess engines are used for analysis, such as Stockfish 10.

The cloud Stockfish engine can be used for free at about 25.000 kN/s speed for 10 seconds.

If you want to play or analyze interesting chess positions and puzzles, Chessify is a perfect and free app for you.

Notably, you can also save the needed positions (FEN) in the app’s storage and share them with other chess applications.



At the website by Arpad Rusz the announcement is made about the publication of the studies

for the World Championship in Composing for Individuals (WCCI 2016-18)

organized by the World Federation of Chess Composition.


In the German magazine "die Schwalbe" there is an excellent article about the famous composer Hermann Mattison.
The study expert Stephen Rothwell from Henstedt - Ulzburg has selected some of the 
famous studies by Mattison, which are still recommended for every chess player today.

Sergei Tkachenko has written many new books about endgame studies:

Biography's about Gorgiev, Tigran 1910-1976, Zinar, Mikhail 1951 and Rezvov, Nikolay 1921-2013:


With 100 studies each and pictures.

And by material theme:



You may find more details about them and more chessbooks at:


Due to the change of Judge the Provisional Award (planned for 15 Jan) for the Benko 90 JT will be delayed.


At "Elk and Ruby Publishing House" high quality Chess books are published.

Also about Endgame studies.

Oleg Pervakov (born in 1960 in the city of Kirov) is widely recognized as Russia’s greatest living chess composer.

He has composed nearly 500 studies and he has won the individual chess composition world championship three times: in 2004-2006, 2007-2009 and 2013-2015.

In this book, Sergei Tkachenko, a member of the Ukrainian team that won the 5th World Chess Composition Tournament in 1997

and which came second in 2000, 2004, 2013, and 2017, has selected 100 of Oleg Pervakov’s best studies.

The selection is quite varied – from elegant short studies with six moves to romantic grotesques with many pieces on board and over 30 moves to the solution.

Yet what all of these studies have in common is spectacular play by both sides.

And watch out: they are tough! That said, Oleg’s compositions are never boring.

You may buy this collection of studies to test your endgame tactical abilities, to improve your endgame understanding, or simply to appreciate chess in all its beauty.

Unlike previous studies books compiled by Sergei Tkachenko this book is not pocket-sized due to its longer solutions.

Available at:




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Cook found in 2nd prize study in Hillel Aloni 80 MT 2017

Correction is created and added to this page.


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Fide Master Peter Krug has composed a study in memory of Vandecasteele, Ignace 1926-2018


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New tournament results with many nice studies to replay !


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Sadly to inform you that Grandmaster Virgil Nestorescu died at 21.6.2018.

More about it him can also be found at the Romanian website:

and at Nestorescu, Virgil 1929-2018 


L. Prokes 1934

White plays and makes a draw!


More animated studies are found on this website. Look around...




Bone,W 1904

White plays and wins.


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