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update: 23-9-2020



The Russian version of "Practical Chess Beauty" by composing grandmaster Yochanan Afek (originally in English by Quality Chess 2018) has been released.
The best of his composing (and even playing) career in 2 volumes translated by Oleg Pervakov and published by the Russian chess federation.

A new issue of Finales Y temas with many nice old pictures by José Copié:

Finales Y Temas 113


Amatzia Avni with Yochanan Afek win the FRME Theme ty 2020.

FRME 2nd Theme 2020


New edition :

Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual 

The American publishing house Russell Enterprises Inc. has recently released the fifth edition

of this highly acclaimed classic, first released in 2003,

revised and updated by German GM Karsten Müller
(helped by American GM Alex Fishbein).

This is arguably one of the best efforts to make the theory and practice of the
final stage of the game accessible to enthusiasts at all levels.

The author, legendary trainer Mark Dvoretsky (1947-2016) was also a great promoter of our fine art.

Thus the book’s 440 pages include also hundreds of endgame studies with a practical
value, used both as examples and exercises throughout all chapters.

Highly recommended! (Yochanan Afek)


Sergiy Didukh (Ukraine) wins the magazine The Problemist 2018-2019 tournament.


Oleg Pervakov created a nice miniature winning the Schach magazine Corona 2020 ty.

Corona 2020


The UAPA 11th tournament had 3 sections.

In the theme section about Domination of minor pieces the first prize is won by Oleg Pervakov.

In the win section first prize winners are: Oleg Pervakov with Alexander, Stavrietsky

in the draw section two winners are: Janos Mikitovics, Andrzej Jasik

UAPA 11th 2020


The Moscow 2020 tournament is won by Oleg Pervakov. See PDF (cyrillic) at Awards Files


Oleg Pervakov and Karen Sumbatyan win the Steffen Nielsen 45 JT

59 studies competed in the Steffen Nielsen 45 JT, judged by Steffen himself.   

There  was a total of 19 awarded studies, including 7 prizes.

The winning study by Oleg Pervakov and Karen Sumbatyan showed an amazing knight endgame, ending in mate with three knights against a sole queen.

All studies to replay here: Nielsen 45 JT 2020

The preliminary award is available as PDF and PGN at


Article series written by John Beasley about Artur Mandler and Richard Reti now available at Arves too.

Also these complete article/book in one PDF to download.

Depth and Beauty, Artur Mandler || book by John Beasley

Studies Richard Réti || by John Beasley


Winner of the Fide 8th World Cup 2020 tournament is Darko Hlebec.


Michael Pasman and Steffen Nielsen with Martin Minski are the winners of the Phenix 2019 tournament.


Steffen Nielsen winner of the Advantage / Disadvantage or Van de Gevel 60 JT 2020 tournament.


New Issue EG 221 (with Supplement) released to Publisher, will be delivered to Abo-holders soon.

Interesting contents:


Many studies of the Strategems 2018 and 2019 tournaments available.

Winner 2018: Martin Minski with Niclas Huchenbeth

Winner 2019: Steffen Nielsen.


In the Problem Paradise 2019 tournament there were two sections.

In Win-section the winner is Peter Krug;

In the Draw-section Christopher Yoo and Jan Timman are the prize winners !


Tournament: Tehtäväniekka 2017-2019 is won by Arpad Rusz !

Tehtavaniekka 2017-2019


Sad news.

One of the founders of the GBR code

Guy, Richard 1916-2020 died at a respectable age of 103 !!


It might be interesting to do statistics about ages of Endgame composers.

Many reach respectable ages above 90.

May be Chess Endgame composing is good for health?


Amatzia Avni wins IRT 2019

The April 2020 issue of the Israeli magazine Variantim is available.

It has an interesting study article by Gady Costeff as well

as the award of Variantim 2019 (IRT 2019) judged by Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen.

The tournament saw a home victory, as Amatzia Avni triumphed with a spectacular "one move" study.

Israeli Ring Ty 2019 


Piotr Murdzia and Martin Minski win the Polish Chess Federation ty 2019

Polish Chess Fed 2019


In the 10th Jubilee tournament of the Union Argentina de Problemistas de Ajedraz, there were 4 sections.

For the thematic Win-Miniatures section A1: the winner is: Mario Micaloni with Arpad Rusz,

For the thematic Draw-Miniatures section A2: the winner is: Vladislav Tarasiuk,

For the no-theme Win Section B1: the winner is: Peter Krug,

For the no-theme Draw Section B2: the winner is: Michael Pasman.

UAPA 10th 2019


Evgeny Kopylov wins Pobeda-75

14 composers competed in a tournament to commemorate Russia's defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945.

Accordingly all six prizes were awarded to win studies.

The first place winnner was Evgeny Kopylov (Russia) in front of Vladislav Tarasiuk (Ukraine) and Luis Migual Gonzalez (Spain).

Special prizes were awarded to Yuri Bazlov, Oleg Pervakov and Alexey Sochnev (all Russia). 

The tournament was judged by Sergey Osintsev (Russia), who put all 14 studies in his award.

Victory 75 AT 2020


 Steffen Nielsen with Martin Minski win the Magyar Sakkvilag 2019 tournament !


Russian Oleg Pervakov

is the old and new world champion

of endgame studies.


The scores of the studies section of the 2016-2018 WCCI have been released, securing Pervakov the honours for the fourth time, this time scoring 42,5 points.

Compared to the last cycle where Pervakov won with 5,5 points' lead,
the race this time around was much closer.
Winning silver is Martin Minski (Germany) with 41,25 points
followed by Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen (Denmark) with 40,5
and Sergey Didukh (Ukraine) close behind in fourth with 40.

The judges of the championship were Harold van der Heijden (The Netherlands),
Martin Minski (Germany), Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen (Denmark),
Peter Gyarmati (Hungary) and Arpad Rusz (Romania). 40 composers competed for the title.
Studies scoring more than 8  (of 12) points in the WCCI automatically qualify for the FIDE Album.
There were 65 such studies, including all six studies by the top 6 composers.
Replay the judged studies here: World championship 2016-2018
All scores and studies are available at the


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L. Prokes 1934

White plays and makes a draw!


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Bone,W 1904

White plays and wins.


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