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Gurgenidze and Minski win Pat a Mat 2018/19

The latest biennial tournament of the Slovakian magazine Pat a Mat saw 22 studies compete.

Judge Emil Vlasak awarded first prize to the Georgian-German duo Martin Minski and David Gurgenidze who presented a sharp rook endgame.

Pavel Arestov (Russia) and Daniel Keith (France) won second prize in front of Peter Krug from Austria (3rd prize) and Arpad Rusz from Romania (special prize).

Pat-a-Mat 2018-2019


Grandmasters triumph in 64-Shakhmatnoe Obozrenie 2019

The 2019 study tournament of the famous Russian chess magazine Shakhmatnoe Obozrenie, best known as simply "64",

was won by Yochanan Afek (The Netherlands) and Oleg Pervakov (Russia)

The two grandmasters of composition presented a tactical struggle with black and white counterblows.

A special prize was awarded to Arpad Rush (Romania) for a malyutka study featuring the fight of rook against two black pawns.

The tournaments was judged by Pavel Arestov (Russia).

64 Shakhmatnoye Obozrenye 2019


A new issue available of the Argentinian magazine:

Finales Y Temas 112.


Pervakov and Stavrietsky win Borodavkin 50 JT 

A tournament to celebrate the 50th birthday of Sergei Borodavkin saw the triumph of an epic study by the Russian duo Pervakov/Stavrietsky.

On a total of 14(!) occasions White refuses to capture the Black queen.

Mario Micaloni and Arpad Rusz (Romania) presented a deep logical bishop ending to secure second place,

while a special prize was awarded to Pavel Arestov's (Russia) study with a rook battling four Black pawns to secure the draw.

The judge Vladislav Tarasiuk evaluated a total of 25 studies.

Borodavkin-50 JT 2019


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Rusz and Kiryakov win Shakhmatnaya Kompositzia 2019

The annual study competition of the Russian periodical Shakhmatnaya Kompositzia saw 26 works competing for the honors.

Judge Alexrandr Stavrietsky gave three prizes.

The top spot was shared between Arpad Rusz (Romania) and Petr Kiryakov (Russia), while Steffen Nielsen (Denmark) won third prize. 

We have two studies so far to show you:

Shakhmatnaya Kompositzia 2019


Krug, Peter 1966 is the first prize winner for the Win section and

Michal Hlinka with Lubos Kekely are the winners of the Draw-section

of the Československý šach 2019 tournament.


Nielsen wins ChessStar 2019

The 2019 informal study tournament of the ChessStar website was won by Steffen Nielsen (Denmark)

with a study combining a checkless Prokeš (5. Ra7!) with a logical try (5. Ra6+?)) where the Prokeš happens with check.

Second place was secured by Jan Timman (The Netherlands) and Mario Guido Garcia (Argentina).

Their study features eventful counterplay by Black culminating in a positional draw despite Black being a rook, bishop and two pawns up.

Third place saw another joint study by Nielsen (Denmark) and Minski (Germany), the star move being 2. Re8!! after which White's pawns become unstoppable.

The tournament was judged by Peter Gyarmati, who evaluated a total of 25 studies. Replay: ChessStar 2019



New issue EG219 available:

The contents.


Results of the  János Mikitovics  70 JT

The tourney celebrating the 70th birthday of János Mikitovics was unlike most others study tournaments as the
participating composers were also the judges. The tournaments was split into a win and a
draw section, and each participant evaluated the studies in his own section,
using a scale from 0.5 to 5.0. Director was János Mikitovics himself. All in all, 51 studies competed.

Winner of the win section: Oleg Pervakov, Russia

Winner of the draw section: Yuri Bazlov, Russia

In the UAPA 9th 2019 - Iriarte Memorial ty with 3 sections, Oleg Pervakov wins the thematic section.

In the win section the victory is split between Andrzej Jasik and a co-study by Arpad Rusz and Pavel Arestov.

In the draw section the winner is: Valery Kalashnikov.

UAPA 9th 2019 - Iriarte MT


The December 2019 issue of the Israelian magazine Variantim with an interesting study article by Gady Costeff.

PDF (Variantim_Dec_79_2019) to download.


Dear chessfriends,

The ARVES solving tourney 2019 was the 10th and last edition of a fine tradition.

The faithful tournament arbiter Luc Palmans and myself have taken this decision sharing the feeling that this would be the moment from personal reasons

and in view of the lack of further financial resources.
To conclude this meaningful chapter for us I wish to thank all those who kindly contributed to its success:
First and foremost our devoted arbiter Luc Palmans, who selected and tested the studies, prepared the paper work and skilfully judged all 10 editions;  
All distinguished composers who provided their fine original entries;
0ur photographers Harry Gielen and to Rene Olthof for helping to documentate and save the precious moments and the finest memories;
To the boards of ARVES and Tata Steel chess and Jurgen Stigter for their substantial support.  
Last but not least I would like to thank you all dear participants and to wish you a happy new year and Lots of success in your future challenges!

Best regards, Yochanan Afek , Tournament director.


Addition by Luc Palmans:

Ward Stoffelen was arbiter of the first edition.

I participated at the first edition, finished last, and decided it was time for a career switch.

Thanks to all the participants and supporters of these 10 fine editions.

Of course thanks to Yochanan, who doesn't stop to promote our art.

Best wishes to everybody for the next year.

Arves Solving contests statistics


  Vladislav Tarasiuk - wins the 22nd Championship of Ukraine.



Results of Sinfonie Scacchistiche 2017-2018

The 2017-2018 informal study tournament of the Italian problem magazine Sinfonie Scacchistiche were split into 3 sections:

In the win section (A1), the honours were shared between a tactical study by the German-Danish duo Martin Minski and Steffen Nielsen and the Pole Andrzrej Jasik.

Another win section with midboard mates (A2) was established by the judge, as he discovered that a large portion of the submitted studies fullfilled this theme.

Here the trio Bizyagin Buyannemekh (Mongolia) Michael Hlinka (Slovakia) and Mario García (Argentina) were succesful.

Finally, in the draw section (A3) Pavel Arestov won first prize with a logical study.

The tournament was judged by Michael Roxlau of Germany who evaluated a total of 59 studies. Sinfonie Scacchistische 2017-2018




Siegfried Hornecker, Martin Minski and Hauke Reddmann won the Moscow 2019 ty with a nice miniature!

Can you solve it? White plays and wins.


You also can find the solution in the Moscow 2019 PDF on the Awards Files files page.


Study commented by GM Pablo Ricardi



A new book issued by Sergei Tkachenko:

Yakov Vilner, First Ukrainian Chess Champion and First USSR Chess Composition Champion: A World Champion's Favorite Composers

The book contains almost 400 pages and is about the chess career of Yakov Vilner who lived mostly in Odessa, Ukraine and became only 31 years old.

He is the one who helped Alexander Alekhine to escape the death penalty and to leave Russia in the rural times of 1919.

The first part of the book is about his career as a chessplayer;

The second half is about all his compositions (93) which are mainly all kind of Problems.

The book contains a lot of interesting history with many beautiful pictures.

The games and compositions are extensively commented by Sergei Tkachenko

and with the compositions other examples with the same theme (of other composers) are added.

The English translation is very good.


A new book : An English edited version of De Koning and De Koningin in one volume.    

Translation by: Yochanan Afek.


New book by Sergei Tkachenko:

100 studies with just bishop and knight.


 Dolf Wissmann has made an accurate summary with the results of the Arves Solving contests organized since 1995:

Arves Solving contests statistics



Russian Oleg Pervakov

is the old and new world champion

of endgame studies.


The scores of the studies section of the 2016-2018 WCCI have been released, securing Pervakov the honours for the fourth time, this time scoring 42,5 points.

Compared to the last cycle where Pervakov won with 5,5 points' lead,
the race this time around was much closer.
Winning silver is Martin Minski (Germany) with 41,25 points
followed by Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen (Denmark) with 40,5
and Sergey Didukh (Ukraine) close behind in fourth with 40.

The judges of the championship were Harold van der Heijden (The Netherlands),
Martin Minski (Germany), Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen (Denmark),
Peter Gyarmati (Hungary) and Arpad Rusz (Romania). 40 composers competed for the title.
Studies scoring more than 8  (of 12) points in the WCCI automatically qualify for the FIDE Album.
There were 65 such studies, including all six studies by the top 6 composers.
Replay the judged studies here: World championship 2016-2018
All scores and studies are available at the


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Sergei Tkachenko has written many new books about endgame studies:

Biography's about Gorgiev, Tigran 1910-1976, Zinar, Mikhail 1951 and Rezvov, Nikolay 1921-2013:


With 100 studies each and pictures.

And by material theme:



You may find more details about them and more chessbooks at:


At "Elk and Ruby Publishing House" high quality Chess books are published.

Also about Endgame studies.

Oleg Pervakov (born in 1960 in the city of Kirov) is widely recognized as Russia’s greatest living chess composer.

He has composed nearly 500 studies and he has won the individual chess composition world championship three times: in 2004-2006, 2007-2009 and 2013-2015.

In this book, Sergei Tkachenko, a member of the Ukrainian team that won the 5th World Chess Composition Tournament in 1997

and which came second in 2000, 2004, 2013, and 2017, has selected 100 of Oleg Pervakov’s best studies.

The selection is quite varied – from elegant short studies with six moves to romantic grotesques with many pieces on board and over 30 moves to the solution.

Yet what all of these studies have in common is spectacular play by both sides.

And watch out: they are tough! That said, Oleg’s compositions are never boring.

You may buy this collection of studies to test your endgame tactical abilities, to improve your endgame understanding, or simply to appreciate chess in all its beauty.

Unlike previous studies books compiled by Sergei Tkachenko this book is not pocket-sized due to its longer solutions.

Available at:



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L. Prokes 1934

White plays and makes a draw!


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Bone,W 1904

White plays and wins.


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