Alexander Rueb Vereniging voor SchaakEindspelStudie

-- Dutch-Flemish Association for Endgame Study --


Founded at 15 oktober 1988 in Amsterdam.


ARVES is an international association of chessplayers who are interested in Endgamestudies.

An Endgamestudy is a chessposition with a task mostly like:

"White plays and wins" or "White plays and makes a draw".

There should be only one way to the solution and there is also always some kind of surprise or something unexpected.

An element of Art is in it.

A typical example is the following position:

"White plays and makes a draw."


White seems to be totally lost.

The black pawn is passed and also the black king almost has captured the only white pawn at c6.

But still a miracle is going to happen...!.

Click here for the solution.


Composed by Richard RĂ©ti in 1921.