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EG 213 is issued. Many interesting articles ...


New picture found with young Max Euwe behind Alexander Rueb.


New article Endgamestudy Presentations on Video where all Video Presentations which explain studies, can be found.

It is organised by Language Tabs.


At there is a video by Grandmaster Karsten Müller where he explains the significance of Tablebases.

The introduction in the Chessbase newsletter about this:

"Revolutions in endgame theory" is the exciting title of a video Karsten Müller recorded on the occasion of the release of the new Endgame Turbo 5.
In this video, the endgame expert looks back to the beginnings of computer-assisted endgame analysis and links in his own analysis methods,
in which he also regularly integrates the "Syzygy" tablebases.

Of course, Müller does not pass over the opportunity to present some of the most spectacular discoveries made over the course of this development.
The 9th World Championship match between Karpov and Kasparov in 1984 is just one of many examples:
a whole series of winning proofs were developed for the position below for White - one of them by Karsten Müller himself.
And yet: they all turned out to be false, as we now know thanks to the tablebases!


GrandMaster Loek van Wely (King Loek) with his young son, pointing at the Arves website,

showing his interest for Endgame studies and the Arves website.

(Picture taken at the Dutch otb Chess Championship in Amsterdam)


Sadly we have to inform that honorary member of Arves, Roger Missiaen has passed away on 19.6.2018 at an age of 93.

Picture taken in 2016 where he had an age of 91.

Missiaen, Roger 1925-2018


You may find some nice presentations (in Dutch) of studies

composed by Leonid Kubbel

 at Vimeo by

GM Matthew Sadler

(uploaded by Ed van de Gevel).



 3 studies

 2 studies


2 studies


Arpad Rusz has created Syzygy Endgame Explorer (SEE) which is software for mining the newly generated 7-man endgame tablebases.

The tool can not only find mutual zugzwangs but can also identify positions where interesting moves are the only winning ones

(like when a piece moves to a corner square or it is sacrificed).

His goal is to write a tool similar to CQL which searches tablebases instead of pgn files.

Look at his nice website for more information about it.


At YouTube GM Niclas Huschenbeth is presents (in German language) many amazing (Unglaubliche Studien) Endgame studies.

#5 Huschenbeth & Minski

#4 Belyavsky

#3 Zhukov

#2 Nielsen

 #1 Huschenbeth & Minski


Sadly we have to inform that honorary member of Arves, Ignace Vandecasteele has passed away on 31.5.2018 at an age of 91.

Vandecasteele, Ignace 1926-2018

Vladimir Samilo has composed two twin studies to remember Ignace 

and both are inspirated by studies of Ignace:




Many new tournaments are opened see: Tournament Calendar;


EG 212 issued, almost 100 pages !


Yifan Hou misses study like win against Caruana !

In the game Caruana - Yifan Hou in the Grenke Chess Classic tournament in Germany, Karlsruhe/Baden Baden the following position came up.

Black played 64... a5 and the game ended in a draw, but black had the following study like win !

64. ... Kd2 65. Bxa6 Nd3+ ! 66. cxd3 d4 !

To replay:


Argentinian magazine special issue Finales Y Temas 102 by Jose Copie.


Mystery about composer J.Fauchner, as pointed out by Rainer Staudte.

Was it Julius Fauchner (1820-1878) who composed one in 1854?

Because most of the known studies are composed from 1995 to 2005 (published in Chess Life & Review) it seems to be someone else?

Who can help us out here?


Registered users are able to download compressed zip-files with all the PGN-files on this site.

See menu: Collections, Downloads.


Otb GM Christian Chirila from the St.Louis Chess Club presents at YouTube nice examples of studies composed by Mario Garcia.


Provisional award Stigter-64 JT 2017 published.

More PDF files of the website of the late Iuri Akobia are copied to Arves to secure them.

Most of them are added to the Awards page.


Study section of the German magazine "Problem Forum" now coming available at Arves.

Look at menu: Collections, Problem Forum.

Thanks to Martin Minski.


Martin Minski has created an endgamestudy (for Chessstar 2018)

inspired by the finish of the game by Vishy Anand - Grischuk,A


Yochanan Afek best study solver at Nunspeet.

In this PDF you may find the 6 studies to be solved.

The result table:



Who can provide some basic information (with a picture) about the following composers to create a personal page to honor them?

Vassily Pomogalov, C. Sansom, VN. Kondratev, V.Khenkin, J.Szulc, A. Kuryatnikov, Sergei Manyakhin,

R.Bania, V.Zheltukov, E.Kolsenikov, V.Nikitin, L.Sedlak, D.Blundell, L.Mozes,

R.Svoboda and also others not yet having a page here, see list: Ranking Composers.


At the study of the month article is about the Platov brothers, written by Siegfried Hornecker..

Also at Yochanan Afek presents an article with more information about the Solving Contest at WijkaanZee.


On request did some menu changes. Hope it is more clear now?

On request new articles with Miniatures are added.

See menu Endgame studies, miniatures. 


Yochanan Afek at reports extensively about the Jan Timman 65 JT.


Picture found of Louma, Josef 1898-1955.


Twan Burg wins 9th Arves Solving Contest 2018.

See Arves 9th Solving Ty 2018


Wouter J.G. Mees

(6.8.1921 – 25.1.2018)


It is with great regret that we inform you that the patriarch of Dutch endgame study composition

passed away on January 25 at the age of 96.

He was one of the founders of the Alexander Rueb Vereniging voor Eindspelstudie (ARVES).

An obituary by Harold van der heijden is published in EG212 (April 2018)

and in Dutch in the magazine of the KNSB.

Mees, Wouter 1921-2018


Vladimir Samilo (Ukraine) composed the following study in memory of Wouter Mees.

The study is made after a study by Wouter Mees created in 1939!

Peter Krug also has created a study in Memory of Wouter Mees.


EG211 has been issued, contents and cover:

Supplement Jan Timman 65 JT Award report and analyses:

From left to right: Jan Timman, Hans Bohm, Yochanan Afek and Harold van der Heijden.


The mysterious French/Canadian composer F.Chapais (17th century) identified as Gaspard Monge !

See in article: Chapais, F 1746-1818


Database Harold van der Heijden has grown to 89.000 collected endgame studies.


Another fresh study presented by Renan Araujo (Portugese) about a study of Martin Minski and Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen at You Tube.

Look at: and

and an amazing ending with Yochanan Afek:


 Read: Study of the month by Siegfried Hornecker at Chessbase with tributes to John Roycroft, Harold van der Heijden and more.

He issues monthly interesting articles about Endgame studies !


New book from Thinkers Publishing.


Studies presented on YouTube in Portuguese by Renan Araujo:

Video about a study by Oleg Pervakov (1st prize, 7th Jenever ARVES Ty 2014):

Video about a study by Martin Minski (4th prize, 7th Jenever ARVES Ty 2014):

Video about a study coproduction by Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen & Martin Minski (Troitzky-150 MT 2017):

Video about a study by Martin Minski (Malyshko-105 MT 2017, task of three anti-stalemate queen sacrifices, not awarded!):


Yochanan Afek has written: Extreme Chess Tactics, where he uses many endgame studies as examples.

The book has 144 pages in 16 chapters with the following tactical themes:

Fork, Battery Play, Pinning and Unpinning, The Skewer, Deflection and Decoy, Trapping a Piece, Removing a Guard,

Line-Opening and Line Closing, Back-Rank Weakness, Pawn Promotion, Zwischenzug,

Devious Draws: Perpetual Check, Devious Draws: Stalemate, The Ultimate Goal: Mate, Combined Motifs.

Each Chapter has game-examples played by worldchampions and about 20 diagrams with exercises where a question or hint is given.

The solutions are explained very clearly.

Besides all over the board examples (a bit more than a half of the total exercises) are from world champions practice (men and women).

The rest are of players and solvers friendly endgame studies.


The book is recommended because many of the examples and exercises are taken from beautiful endgame studies !

The book starts with the famous finish of world champion Magnus Carlsen in 2016 against Kariakin (See below ...)

where he brings forward his own pattern recognition of a game played in Beltsy, 1979 between Popov and Novopashin,

where white even combined a deeper (5 moves in advance) same win.

He emphasize the importance of pattern-recognition in the process of training chess capabilities in general

and in improving tactical skills in particular.


Improved definition of an Endgame study is given by Harold van der Heijden and added in: What is an Endgame study?


14 December 2017

ARVES congratulates Jan Timman on his 66th birthday today.

We are very proud that we can also publish the award of the Timman-65 JT on our website.

The tourney was a great success (many entries, and beautiful studies) and attracted both famous and novice composers.


For more information find the PDF report in Awards 

and look at the replayable studies in: Jan Timman 65 JT Section1 and Jan Timman 65 JT Section2 (please register).


Page about Whitworth, Timothy 1932 extended with Picture and many of his studies.


Recently, in October 2017, the second edition of the book Endgame Magic, which he wrote with John Beasley was issued.

It contains 160 studies (20 new ones) with extensive commentary. 192 pages.

After an Introduction the book has 3 parts with in total 17 chapters.

The chapters show studies with themes:

"Winning material", "Giving mate", "Creating stalemate", "Racing to promote", "Fighting to promote", "Perpetual harassment", 

"Losing the move", "Underpromotion", "Decoys and diversions", "Shielding and obstruction", "Fortress and blockade",

"Corresponding squares", "Echoes and repetitions", "Cut and thrust", "Frolics and fantasies" and "The grand manner". 


26 EG PDF files have improved quality.

Harold van der Heijden has corrected some problems (e.g. missing pages) in the PDF-files of the following EG issues:
8, 12, 27, 44, 48, 56, 74, 93, 98, 102-1, 106-1, 106-2, 109, 113, 114, 115, 117, 118, 122, 124, 124-supplement, 125, 134, 136, 138, 153.

You may download these NEW files from: EG numbers 1 to 190 PDF+


The Belgium Thinkers Publishing issues very high quality chess books. Also about endgames, like:



5 new tournament announcements (see: Tournament Calendar)


More than 40 new PDF files of magazine EG (8 years) are added !!.


Thanks to Harold van der Heijden and Luc Palmans.

See article: EG numbers 1 to 190 PDF+


This websites has more than 1250 subpages .... !! with:

More than 550 PDF files with articles or awards to view or download;

More than 500 PGN files with studies to download;

More than 800 pictures (mainly about composers);


Lewis Stller has provided many CQL 5.1 conversion codes to the older 3.02 examples. They are added to the pages here on Arves.

Because of the better CQL 5.1 he has improved many examples. Look for instance at: CQL Indian theme.


Since 24.06. there is the new Fide album list ready.
Huge congratulations to Richard Becker, new Grandmaster, Martin Minski, new International Master,
and Peter Krug a new Fide Master in Chess composition  !!!
Webmaster Peter Boll (left) congrats Martin Minski (right) with his new International Master title in Berlin.
These titles are officilally be awarded at the WFCC congress at Dresden.
Also Nikolai Ryabinin and Ladislav Salai are now Grandmaster
and Andrzej Jasik is FIDE master!!

WFCC List of most succesfull Endgame study composers 2013-2015.

Top 6:

1. Richard Becker

2. Oleg Pervakov

3. Martin Minski

4. Yuri Bazlov

5. Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen

6. Peter Krug


Study of the year 2015 

is decided !

The winning study is:

See also Study of the year 2015.


Magnus Carlsen finished brilliantly with a study-like move in the 15th and last (rapid) game against Karjakin in NewYork 2016


on move 50 he played Qf4-h6+ !

(When 51... Kxh6 51.Rh8# or 51...gxh6 51.Rxf7#)

Vladislav Tarasiuk and Peter Krug have composed studies which are inspired on this finish.

Tarasiuk dedicates the study to Magnus Carlsen.

(More about: Tarasiuk, Vladislav 1968)


Peter Krug study has both mating concepts based on this finish in his creation:




More than 700 articles about Chess endgame study composers are available,

i.e. about Chess Queen Kosteniuk, Alexandra 1984.

or about the Polgar, Sisters 1969 1974 1976

They play very well chess but also created a few Endgame studies.



CQL 5.1 is the last release.

Look at: Chess Query Language 5



Gady Costeff and Lewis Stiller have announced Chess Query Language 5.

Now also available for Mac.

CQL 5.1 is NOT upwards compatible with previous versions.

So check older CQL to find out if they still work properly.

The articles and examples on Arves are still of previous version 3.02.


Studies in Informant 129 can be replayed here; Selected by Yochanan Afek


Impression by Siegfried Hornecker of the

59th World Congress of Chess Composition

in Belgrado. See for more information WCCC2016


The WFCC has issued the 7th edition of the Handbook of Chess Composition.

This manual is both for Problem and Endgame study Composers.

Here the link to the website of WFCC to download the pdf.


José A. Copié dedicated this new study to Arves as an excellent Website ! Thanks !


WCCT 10 Entries 2016-2017 available


21-6-2016. CQL Obtrusive bishop finds 7 illegal startpositions, even back to positions from Liburkin and from 1920 !


18-6-2016 Chess Query Language pages of Gady Costeff and Lewis Stiller are copied into this website.

(See Menu Endgame studies or start at Chess Query Language)

The CQL examples given, where theme-queries are given, have been excuted on the Harold van der Heijden database 5

and some of the studies out of the results of each query are showed on these thematical pages. (See Sample files)

Thanks to new cql contributions of Gady Costeff more Theme-page are created, where the used CQL is showed with some study-examples.


14-06-2016: Peter Krug actively selects studies and corrects some of them, for many composers for which a page for each composer is created.

Thanks to these contributions there are now over 100 articles about Composers with some of their studies 

(see  menu Endgame Studies, Studies by Composer).

These composer-articles can also be found by the Biographical data Composers page.

New pages about composers with their studies are added regurlarly.


 The Arves website is completely redesigned with Joomla!

It will mainly be in english and members will be able to create articles.

Registered users will see more articles !

Any contributions are welcome !

Mail to webmaster This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Composers can send a PGN file with their best studies, which will be showed as easy replayable, see studies by composer.



L. Prokes 1934

White plays and makes a draw!


More animated studies are found on this website. Look around...





Bone,W 1904

White plays and wins.


Carousel or Merry-go-round