Chessmasters Peter Krug and Martin Minski meet in Salzburg and Hallein.

Also webmaster Peter Boll visited him in this beautiful area in Austria in June 2019.

Pictures of these chessfriends at beautiful sites and historical places.

Left Martin Minski before the logo of the first Salzburger Chess club with Peter Krug on the right.

In the famous Mozart Cafe where many times important chess was played. Also Anatoli Karpov has visited this cafe.

Having a good time in the Cafe Mozart.

Peter Boll and Peter Krug in the same Cafe. At the small chessboard a new composition is showed.

Another new study by Peter Krug is showed !

Martin and Peter on the alps Barmstein near Hallein.

Two Peter's in Hallein the town where Peter Krug lives.

In the back the two Barmsteine