Selection out of more than 200 studies composed by

Leonard Ilich Katsnelson (Russia, 1936)

Katsnelson,Leonard with Gurgenidze and Mitrofanov.

An excellent Russian composer from Leningrad, a professional naval builder, who began composing in 1963. Until 1988 he estimated to have performed about 200 works of which 140 are studies and the rest are problems, as he also composes mates in two plays and mates with help.
It was estimated that he received about 75 different prizes, until 1990 he had won 12 first prizes, and between 1967 and 1987 he successfully participated in eight championships in the country, obtaining first place in 1973, second in 1969 and third in 1983.
For his chess activities related to the composition Katsnelson was titled Master of Sport of the USSR in 1972, and international judge of the FIDE in 1988; While until 1985 18 of his studies were published in various albums of that institution.
Katsnelson, also author of chess stories, as a composer prefers paradoxical ideas and dynamic play on both sides, and is very careful of form. In its subjects uses great variety of material and even composes ends of pawns alone.

Source: “El arte del Estudio del Ajedrez”- T.IV (Ex Unión Sovietica) Autor: Zoilo R. Caputto- Bs.As. (Argentina) - 1996.

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