Selection out of more than 240 studies composed by

Josef Moravec (Czechslovakia, 20.3.1882-29.8.1969).

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Czech composer and International Master

Let's quote

Joseph Moravec liked composing mainly Pawn Endings but gained a reputation in producing fine Rook and Pawn studies. He has over 200 endgame studies to his credit. He was a particular favourite of the English writer and player Gerald Abrahams. He was also a noted Problemist and made original contributions to that field of chess. In his endgame studies Moravec liked simple positions with few pieces on the board so this study is not really a true reflection of his style. See the early studies of his we looked at on the website which are examples of his usual style.


This english (extended 2001) version in PDF can be read on Emil Vlasak's website.

It gives also many details about his life and his study composing.

A small quote from the epilogue:

In conclusion, a few of Moravec's thoughts: Chess has taught me an almost scientific way of thinking. Chess - and especially problem chess – is for me an artificial science, based on the axioms formed by the rules of the game. Chess problems automatically come into existence the moment these rules are established. We composers merely discover and develop them, to the great benefit of youth culture.

An anthology of his works in Czech was published and can be downloaded here.

Josef Moravec composed successfully in many genres. 


(All his studies, more exact dates, possible corrections or cooks and exact details about sources can be found in the

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