Studies composed by

Martin Wolfgang Hoffmann

(Switzerland, 13.5.1951)

As a long-term editor of the problem pages of «Swiss Chess»,  he is well known.
He has profound knowledge of chesscomposition in general and has composed more than 800 works.
Occasionally he composed also studies.
Problems he composed, can be found on Die Schwalbe.
Also at ChesscomposesBlogspot you ca find a picture of him and read this:

Martin Hoffmann is an International Master and composes threemovers and moremovers.

In 1990 he became the successor of Hans Henneberger as the editor of the Problems column of the "Schweizerische Schachzeitung"

and he is also the editor of the threemover section of "idee & form", the Swiss problem chess magazine.
He published "KunstschaCH", a selection of the best Swiss problems from 1987-1996 which was commented by Ralf Krätschmer on his website.