Selection of studies composed by

Jean Charles August Fischer

(The Netherlands, Laren 9.12.1909 - 4.12.1939)

Dr. Jean Charles August Fischer worked as army doctor in Weert. As a composer, he showed enthusiasm but was a minor talent.

Of great importance was the study column in the weekly magzine "De Schaakwereld" that he ran from 1936 until his death.

It inspired many composers. He also wrote an introduction to "1234 modern endgame studies".

He judged several tourneys, despite the exigencies of his military duties.

A fatal fall from a motor vehicle led to a tragic end.

Emotional accounts of his funeral were published in Tijdschrift and Schaakwereld.

The 1965 Schakend Nederland study tourney was called the J.C.A. Fischer Memorial.


An obituary in Dutch you can read here.

Two books are referring to him:

Schaakvriend Jan Fischer


Inleiding tot de eindspelstudie 

by Harrie Grondijs.

Biographical details in memoriam of Jan Fischer (by A.J.M. Lohman)
A fatal accident ended this young life a few days before his 30th birthday. For one and a half years we were able to watch Mr. Fischer at work in Weert. He was an astute, sensitive physician, a hard worker, a conscientious soldier, for whom it was unreservedly true: mo ame a Dieu, ma vie au roi, mon coeur aux dames, l`honneur pour moi. Fischer was above all honest; without regard to persons, he always examined what was right and gladly sacrificed personal peace for what he considered right. That is also why he had only friends. Those who disagreed with him still appreciated his well-grounded and never hurtful judgment. We all lose in him a colleague whose future seemed so promising because of his great gifts and determined efforts.
Jan Fischer was born in Laren on December 9, 1909 and attended the H.B.S. in Bussum. In September 1926 he enrolled as a biology student in Utrecht, but after a year he went to Amsterdam to study medicine. During his student time he was assistant for histology with Prof. HERINGA for some time. After a temporary assistantship at the surgical and gynecological department of the Roode-Kruis Hospital in The Hague he was appointed as Officer of Health second class at the Hilitaire Hospitaal in The Hague on July 4, 1936, after which he o 1. January 1937 he was transferred to the Military Hospital in Utrecht. Since a year and a half he was seconded to Weert for the organization of the military medical service.
During this time I had the pleasure of frequently exchanging views with him. Because of his extensive control practice and other functions at the hospital in Weert a closer co-contact was necessary. His punctual honesty was a guarantee for an ideal cooperation.
He was also a leading figure in the chess world. He was endgame editor of the Chess World and was writing a book about: In lntroduction to Endgame Study, which was almost ready for printing. May his wife, in and through the little daughter with whom he was so happy, find the strength to bear this sad loss in his image.
Weert, 9 December 1939   A.J.M.  Lohman


(All his studies, more exact dates, possible corrections or cooks and exact details about sources can be found in the

Harold van der Heijden (HHdbVI))