Selection out of 77 studies composed by

Dmitry (Davis) Rafailovich Godes

(Ukraine, 26.7.1939 - 12.4.2007)

He was also a Grandmaster in correspondence chess.

He lived for several years in Barnaul,

Godes was a PhD.


Left Rudenko, Valentin 1938-2016 with right: Godes.

Left to right: Krikheli, Iosef 1931-1988i, Tkachenko, Sergey N 1963 , Davis Godes (and unknown).

Dmitry (Davis) Rafailovich Godes was born on 20.07.1939 in Kharkov (Ukraine).
At the beginning of the 50's Davis began to compose studies and problems.

In 1953 his interesting study was awarded the 1st prize at the competition for young composers of the magazine Chess in the USSR

(the competition was judged by the outstanding Soviet composer Vladimir Korolkov!)
In 1966 he became the USSR Master of Sport in Chess.
At the end of the 60s, Davis settled in Barnaul, where he led the chess section in the regional newspaper Altai Truth.

At the beginning of 70th together with his wife and son he moved to Ryazan, and there became the champion of the Ryazan area on chess 6 times (1977-1986),

he conducted the chess department in the regional newspaper "Priokskaya Pravda" for many years.

From 1971 to 1974 he was the Chairman of the Ryazan regional chess federation.
Living in Ryazan he defended his thesis and became a candidate of philosophical sciences.

In 1981-1985 took part in an international tournament in memory of Mirotvorsky in the mail game,

where he took the 2nd place and was awarded the title of Grandmaster ICCF(Internationale correspondence chess Federation) !
Awarded a silver medal for 2nd place in the 17th USSR postal game championship (1986-1988).

In 1993 he emigrated to Israel, where in 2004 he published his original book "Melodies of the Beloved Brain".
He composed more than 100 studies and problems, 40 of his compositions won prizes in competitions.

In 2007 he came to visit Ryazan and tragically died there on April 12.

Book: "Melodies of the Beloved Brain"


(All his studies, more exact dates, possible corrections or cooks and exact details about sources can be found in the

Harold van der Heijden (HHdbVI))