Selection of studies out of 140 composed by Arves honory member

Wouter J.G. Mees

(The Netherlands, 6.8.1921 - 25.1.2018)

Ir. Wouter Jacob Gregorius Mees was born a Arnhem in 1921.

He graduated as a chemical engineer at the Technical University of Delft. At Hoogovens (Wijk aan Zee) he worked as a researcher and quality control expert.

He retired in 1983. He liked to play tennis and hockey, and to climb mountains.

He still cycles, sings and hikes. Other hobbies are archaeology, astronomy and modern architecture.

As an over-the-board player he played in some competitions in Kijk Uit and IJmuiden.

His interest for studies was aroused by Dutch books and Fischer´s column. Since 1936

he has published studies and problems. In 1959, he became FIDE Judge of Chess Compositions.

He was co-founder and chairman of the "Computer SchaakVereniging Nederland". In Probleemblad,

he runned the column "Studies".

About the studies by Mees:

Mees is after Marwitz and Harold van der Heijden one of the most successful study composer of the Netherlands

and has 11,67 points in the current FIDE list for chess composer.

Elegance and subtlety are qualities of his studies.

He had his greates successes in KNSB tournaments, in which he won 6 first prizes.


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He was International Judge of the FIDE for chess compositions since 1959.


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Harold van der Heijden database V (31-12-2015) )