Studies composed by Arves honory member

Roger Jules Adolphe Missiaen

(Belgium, Harelbeke 24.3.1925 - 19.6.2018 Kortrijk).

He was the one of the 3 Flemish musketeers (with Julien Vandiest and Ignace Vandecasteele).
Some studies of him are in the FIDE Album, where he got 8,33 points.
The main theme in his studies is domination.
With economical use of material he achieved many national and international successes.

With his two Belgium friends they issues the Arves book of the year 1997: Flemish miniatures.


At ChesscomposerBlogspot we can read about him:

Roger Missiaen composed about a hundred compositions, many of which were of a very high quality.

He wrote together with Ignace Vandecasteele and Julien Vandiest "Flemish miniatures. 123 chess endgame studies" in 1998.

He also composed moremovers.

In the '50 he was one of the strongest Belgium chessplayers.

He once won a game against O'Kelly.


 At (page 36) there is some attention to him (in German language) as well.


At Yet Another Chess Problem database you may find many of his created Chess Problems.


Picture taken in 2016 where he is about almost 92 years of age.

(All his studies, more exact dates, possible corrections or cooks and exact details about sources can be found in the

Harold van der Heijden (HHdbVI))