Studies composed by Giambatista Lolli (Italy, 1698-1769).

Famous pioneer in chess. In the King Gambit opening his name is connected to a very sharp subvariation.

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Lolli was one of the most important chess theoreticians of his time.

He is most famous for his book Osservazioni teorico-pratiche sopra il giuoco degli scacchi

(English: Theoretical-practical views on the game of chess), published 1763 in Bologna.[1]

He was one of the Modenese Masters.

 Giambatista Lolli (1698-1769) , 1763

Giambatista Lolli was born in Nonántola, near Modena in 1698 (he died in 1769).

A reader of law by trade, he was the student and competitor of del Rio.

He wrote Osservazioni Teorico-Pratiche Sopra il Giuoco degli Scacchi in 1763. This was a huge extension of del Rio's work filling 632 pages.

The first part deals with openings, but all most half of the opening theory deals with the Italian game.

The part dealing with endings was probably the best treatment to date, particularly in R+B vs B and Q vs B+B endgames.


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