Selection out of more than 167 studies composed by

Vitali Alexandrovich Chekhover

(Russia, 22.12.1908-11.2.1965).

(Also known as Witali Tschechower)

Outstanding Russian teacher, theoretician and excellent composer of Studies born in Petersburg, who dedicated himself to musical activities as orchestra conductor and accompanying pianist.
In the middle of competitive activity in tournaments he began to be interested also in the chess composition. His first published study dates back to 1936, and twenty years later, although his production was not very considerable in quantity, he had gained enough prestige to have his name already among the great composers of the time and also among the first judges for contests Of Studies that were appointed by the FIDE.
It is estimated that Chejover composed about a hundred works, several of them awarded or distinguished, and some composed in collaboration with other consecrated authors. His activity also extended to the publication of books, most of them as coauthor, dedicated to practical play and especially to the art of chess composition.
Master Chejover's studies often feature very interesting themes, where the composer amalgamates credible positions at the end of the game with ideas of "Zugzwang", positional tables and systematic maneuvers, etc., always worked with impeccable technique and material economy.

Source: “El arte del Estudio del Ajedrez”- T.IV (Ex Unión Sovietica) Autor: Zoilo R. Caputto- Bs.As. (Argentina) - 1996.

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He is International Master of the FIDE for chess composition since 1961.

He is International Judge of the FIDE for chess compositions since 1956.

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