Selection out of more than 100 studies composed by

Viktor Alexandrovich Evreinov

(Russia, 11.11.1908 - 7.8.1984).

He is Fide Master of the FIDE for chess composition since 1990.

Player and outstanding Russian composer born in Smolensk. He lived in Saratov, where he practiced as a pedagogue, until the last world war radically changed his life. He made an accelerated course in the tank body of the Soviet army in Kazan; Retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel, although continued working in the military school like professor of drawing of planes.
From a young age Evreinov was passionate about chess, and although his first endgamestudy composed it in 1940, it was only since 1957 that he was actively involved in chess composition. I managed to create more than 70 Studies, of which 6 were awarded first prize in contests and 55 received other awards and distinctions.
Altogether the production of Evreinov is very well considered and belongs to the best artistic tradition of the Studio. His works, which are distinguished by the originality and beauty of ideas and the richness and elegance of the game, are almost always presented with great sobriety of means; And in this respect it is also worth mentioning his few but interesting endings of pawns and the varied and attractive miniatures, which in some deal with analytical subjects.

SOURCE: "The Art of the Study of Chess" - T.IV (Former Soviet Union)
Author: Zoilo R. Caputto- Bs.As. (Argentina) - 1996

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Study selection by Mario Garcia.

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