Selection of 138 studies composed by

Aleksei Sergeevich Selezniev (Russia, 1888-1967).

Selezniev (left) and Goglidze (r)

Russian master born in Tambov, near Moscow, who intervened with honorable results in about twenty tournaments.
In 1914 he was playing in Germany and when declaring the war was interned as a prisoner with other masters, but after the contest returned to his country and in 1924 intervened in the third chess championship of the USSR.
From 1909 Seleznev was interested in the chess composition and the first collection of his Studies was published by Dr. Emanuel Lasker (to whom he had dedicated one of his best works), in the booklet "35 Endspielstudien von Schachmeister A. Selesnieff" (Berlin , 1919).
Seleznev was an outstanding composer who privileged in his works the tendency of positional superiority over that of material, while his principles on the economics of fighting forces were so strict, that a good part of his Studies are miniatures or they hardly exceed the Limit of the 7 pieces.

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