Selection out of 33 studies composed by

Wallace Daykin Ellison

(England, 8.10.1911 - 7.10.1999)

He was a distinguished teacher of mathematics from Burton-on-Trent.

Sometimes collaborated with Walter Veitch in providing analytical notes to EG,

the magazine on endgame studies launched by John Roycroft in 1965."

(Brian Gosling, internet).

Played county chess for Yorkshire and Leicestershire. 

John Beasley wrote an Obituary, British Endgame Study News, Vol. 4, No.4, December 1999.

"Wallace Ellison died on October 7, one day sholt of his 88rh binhday. He had been
a teacher of mathematics, and I imagine he had been a very good one. I went to see
him a few years ago, when he was nearly 85, and there was none of the need to talk
slowly and repetitively that usually arises when talking to people of such an age;
he was still extremely sharp, and I was fully stretched trying to keep up.
Wallace was a good county player (he played on high boards both for his native
Yorkshire and for Leicestershire). but it is for his studies that he will be remembered.
The examples kindly sent to me by Harold van der Heijden suggest that he composed
only from 1969 to 1972 (though some studies published during this period may have
be€n composed earlier) and again from 1994 until a serious fall in 1996 took the edge
from his concentration, but these two short periods were enough to establish his name."


"In eg 135, January 2000, two obituaries appeared.

While the British mathematics teacher Wallace D. Ellison (1911-1999) earned his place with 25 endgame studies

and a short collaboration with Walter Veitch in 1969 on the “Spotlight” column 

(ending when Ellison was elected chairman of the Assistant Masters’ Association, “a trade union representing male teachers in British secondary schools”)".


(All his studies, more exact dates, possible corrections or cooks and exact details about sources can be found in the

Harold van der Heijden (HHdbVI))