Selection of studies composed by

FIDE Grand Masters  "Over The Board" (OTB).

GMs with great productivity are Jan Timman, Pal Benko and John Nunn.

At this page the studies of the otb GMs which do not always have a page of their own.

Alphabetically listed with a picture and links to more information at Wikipedia about them.

For the other ones already having a page, here only their article link.

(Sadly not all the studies are correct).

At also two articles about this.

Part 1

(About: Pal Benko, Oldrich Duras, Paul Keres, John Nunn and Richard Reti)

Part 2

(About: Ladislav Prokes, Yochanan Afek, Ladislav Salai, Milan Vukcevich and Genrikh Kasparyan).



Akopyan, Vladimir 1971


Alekhine, Alexander 1892-1946 (World Champion)


Andersson, Ulf (1951)

Averbakh, Yuri 1922


Benko, Pal 1928


Bernstein, Ossip 1882-1962


Bogolyubow, Efim (1889-1952)

Boleslavsky, Isaac 1919-1977


Botvinnik, Mikhail 1911-1995 (World Champion)


Bronstein, David 1924-2006


Capablanca, Raul 1888-1942 (World Champion)


Duras, Oldrich 1882-1957


Euwe, Machgielis 1901-1981 (World Champion)


Boris Gelfand (24.6.1968)

Grunfeld, Ernst (1893-1962)

Gufeld, Eduard (1936-2002)

Keres, Paul 1916-1975


Kosteniuk, Alexandra 1984


Lasker, Edward 1885-1981


Lasker, Emanuel 1868-1941 (World Champion)


Lilienthal, Andor (1911-2010)

Mieses, Jacques 1865-1954



Nunn, John 1955 


Pachman, Ludek 1924-2003


Penrose, Jonathan (1933)  (against Tal, Leipzig 1960)

Polgar, Sisters 1969 1974 1976


Polugayevsky, Lev (1934-1995)

Portisch, Lajos (1937)

Prins, Lodewijk 1913-1999 (picture 1960)

Réti, Richard 1889-1929


Rossolimo, Nicolas 1910-1975


Smyslov, Vasily 1921-2010 (World Champion)

Emil Sutovsky (19.7.1977)

Tal, Michael (1936-1992), (World Champion)

Tarrasch, Siegbert 1862-1934


Teichmann, Richard (1868-1925)

Timman, Jan 1951

Traxler, Karel 1866-1936


Torre, Eugenio (1951)

Yusupov, Artur (1960)