Study composed by

Živko Janevski

(Macedonia, 4.8.1953)

He is Grandmaster of the FIDE for chess composition since 1996.

He is International Master of the FIDE for chess compostion since 1989.

He is International Judge of the FIDE for chess composition since 1979.


ChesscomposerBlogspot reports about him:

Živko Janevski is a heterodox problems specialist and an International Judge for selfmates and helpmates.

He is the editor of the Macedonian magazine "Orbit". He was world champion in composing helpmates in 1989-91 and 1998-2000.

He also wrote an anthology of Macedonian problemists "Antologija na makedonskiot problemski šah" in 1987;

in 1989 with Nikola Stolev "The Modern helpmate in two"

and in 2010 a compilation of Chris Feather's problems "Chris J. Feather - Selected Helpmates".

More about him can be found at Italian Wikipedia and Latvian Wikipedia or at Chesspedia.



Born in 1953 in North Macedonia, FIDE Grandmaster for Chess Composition (1996), Živko Janevski is one of the most prominent chess problemists of our era. Živko Janevski stands third on the list of the FIDE Album points 1914-2021 behind Petko Petkov (Bulgaria) and Mikhail Marandyuk (Ukraine).

He was a double World champion in composing helpmates (1989-91 & 1998- 2000) and the Olympic champion in the same genre in 1990. However, his composing results and the huge work of around 4.000 published problems were only a small part of the enormous contribution to chess composition. Being an International Judge (1979), he officiated and commented on over 100 tourneys in chess composition, including Olympic Tourney, FIDE World Cup and World Championship in Composing for Individuals (WCCI). During the World Chess Composing Tournament (WCCT) 2003-04, he performed the most challenging role of the WCCT director.

To perform his arbiter duties in the best possible way, he created his own computer database, entering tens of thousands of chess compositions with the help of his sons for the benefit of the community, always ready to help others in their check of originality. Živko Janevski worked as an engineer and computer expert, devoting the rest of his time to chess composition. A big part of it was devoted to publishing expert articles, magazines and books, and one of the themes in chess composition holds his name.

He was the General Editor of the famous Orbit, a unique magazine (in English) devoted to helpmates and selfmates that went out for 16 years (1999-2014). Živko also penned, edited and printed a series of books on chess composition: Anthology of Macedonian Problem Chess (1987), The Closed Circle (1993), Vukota Nikoletić: Selected Problems (2002), ASP – The Caught of My Imagination (2004), The cycles and strategy in selfmates (2009), Živko Janevski - Selected Helpmates (2009), Chris J. Feather - Selected Helpmates, by Chris J. Feather & Živko Janevski (2010).


(All his studies, more exact dates, possible corrections or cooks and exact details about sources can be found in the

Harold van der Heijden (HHdbVI))