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Mainly examples using Chess Query Languages.

Chess Query Language || Introduction
Chess Query Language 6
CQL Albino pawn
CQL Allumwandlung
CQL Bristol theme
CQL Castling
CQL Caterpillar - Triple pawns
CQL Chameleon Echo stalemates
CQL Cross check
CQL Dobrescu study with a repeated piece configuration
CQL Double checks
CQL Double Excelsior
CQL Doublecheck and Mate
CQL Downloading
CQL Duras theme
CQL Excelsior
CQL Finding pairs of positions: The relation list
CQL Fortress
CQL Frequently Asked Questions
CQL Grimshaw
CQL Grimshaw theme
CQL How to Install?
CQL How to run?
CQL Ideal Mirror mate
CQL Indian theme
CQL Knight and Pawn vs Rook and Bishop
CQL Knight chases other Knight
CQL Knight visits at least twenty different squares.
CQL Kozirev alikes
CQL Loman's move
CQL Many checks
CQL Matching games
CQL Matching positions
CQL Miniatures
CQL Mirror mate
CQL Mixed passed pawns
CQL Mutual - Reciprocal Stalemates
CQL Mutual zugzwangs 5-Pieces
CQL Nowotny
CQL Obtrusive bishop
CQL Passed pawn search
CQL Pinned mate
CQL Pinned stalemates
CQL Plachutta
CQL Prokeš Manoeuvre
CQL Queen sacrifice
CQL Queen staircase
CQL Rambling Rook
CQL Rook traverses a rectangle
CQL Rook visits each corner
CQL Rookendings with Underpromotions
CQL Samecolor Bishops
CQL Smothered mate
CQL Syntactic conventions
CQL Tagging: keeping track of piece identity
CQL Tripled pawns
CQL Troitzky's ending
CQL Two stalemates
CQL Unguarded Guard
CQL Valladao theme
CQL Wcct6 theme
CQL Wcct7 theme
CQL Wcct9 theme
CQL Zwickmuhle / Torre-Lasker theme
Glossary || Terminology
Sample cql files || themes and manoeuvres