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Zakharov, Sergey 1952-2019
Zakhodyakin, Gleb 1912-1982
Zalkind, Lazar 1886-1945
Zemlyanski, Yuri 1938-2017
Zepler, Erich 1898-1980
Zgerskye, Gennady 1964-2010
Zhigis, Sergei
Zhuk, Oleksandr 1946
Zhuk, Victor 1955
Zhuravlev, Andrey 1963
Zimbeck, David 1985
Zimmer, Eligiusz 1951
Zinar, Mikhail 1951-2021
Zinchuk, Anatoli 1937-1998
Zlatanov, Angel 1938-2010
Zoltan, Laszlo 1942-2008
Zucker, Manfred 1938-2013
Zukertort, Johannes 1842-1888