Studies awarded for the Caputto 95th Jubilee Tournament.

UAPA 7th 2018.

60 studies competed in the 7th UAPA  
The 7th online tourney of UAPA (Union Argentina de Problemistas de Ajedrez) was a jubilee tournament in honour of Prof. Zoilo R. Caplutto.
It was split up into three sections; one for win studies, one for draw studies and one thematic section asking for domination in the endgame R and B or N vs Q.
The thematic tournament was a limited success with only 9 studies competing.
The winner (with an honourable mention) was Oleg Pervakov (Russia) showing a spectacular zugzwang position. Judge was Ľuboš Kekely (Slovakia).
The win section (29 studies) was won by an international trio; Mario Garcia (Argentina), Pavel Arestov (Russia) and Vladislav Tarasiuk (Ukraine).
The study was a miniatrue showing a prolonged domination of knight by bishop and king.
Second prize went to another long "flow study" by  János Mikitovics (Hungary).
Third prize was won by Steffen Nielsen (Denmark), with a tactical-logical study where a knight sacrifice vacates a7 for the White king, at a time where the king is still on f1.

In the draw section (22 studies) the winners were David Gurgenidze (Georgia) and Martin Minski (Germany) with a tactical study ending up in a spectacular stalemate

reminding us of a famous study by Gurgenidze himself from 1985 (HHDBV #  28338; Polish Chess Federation Tourney, 1st prize).

The second prize winner was a surprise, namely Marc Gelly, a French composer who up until now has no study to his name in the Harold van der Heijden database.

Third prize was won by Marco Campioli (Italy) in typically eventful and dramatic style. The judge for both the win and the draw section was Michal Hlinka (Slovakia). 

The 8th UAPA is already under way, the thematic section asksing for Queen and Minor Piece against Queen endgames.

Caputto, Zoilo 1923




Section Thematic: RN/B, vs QUEEN