Studies awarded for The Problemist 2016-2017 tournament.


Martin Minski wins The Problemist tournament 2016-2017

The informal tourney of The Problemist is generally considered one of the strongest, if not the strongest, informal study tournament at present.
Judge Oleg Pervakov has just released his verdict of the period 2016-2017.
Editor Yochanan received a total of 49 studies of which 18 were awarded. You can replay the studies below.
The winner is Martin Minski with a large scale tactical battle ending in a original domination of the Black queen with the material NN vs QNN.
Second prize, a rare output by Ladislav Salai Jr., was very much different.
In miniature form, the Slovakian created a subtle study showing a stalemate and a logical try where the stalemate attempt just fails. 
In the third prize study by Jan TImman tactics again abounded.
The dutch GM made a strange sacrificial dance of the bishop ending only on move 14 move after a breathtaking battle.

Fourth prize went to Alain Villeneuve showing a mutual zugzwang in a rook endgame, and fifth prize to Vladislav Tarasiuk in a rook vs pawns endgame.

Please have also a look at the special prize by Jan Timman, an amazing rework of a study by Swedish composer Axel Ornstein.