Studies awarded for the Hillel Aloni Memorial Tournament 2017.

Aloni, Hillel 1937-2017

By the way a cook has been found in second prize...

Harold van der Heijden found a cook in the above study. Only his variations in text here. 

1…Qxh1+ 2.Kd2 Qh6+ 3.Kc2 Qg6+ 4.Kc1 and now 4…Qg5+! If 5.Kd1 Ba6 (or also 5…Bxd7 6.cxd7 Qd8 7.Kc2 Qxd7 8.Sd4 Ka3!) 6.c7 Bxe2+ 7.Kxe2 Qg4+ and 8.Qxd7.

And if 5.Kc2 Qf5+ (also 5…Ba6) 6.Kd2 Bxd7 7.cxd6 Qxd7 8.Bb2 Qxd6+ 9.Sd4 Kc4 10.Kc2 Qg6+.

Correction below: