5th. Morocco Chess Award 2015

Section: Endgame studies

By Abdelaziz Onkoud

Stains, December 16, 2015


<This is a poor translation of the preliminary Award (see PDF).>

I want to thank the 7 individual authors of 12 studies in this competition.

I noticed that 5 of 7 authors have something in common: they read French. Which is a good thing. For my judgment is written in French (here translated). 

I was scared at the beginning not to meet with studies that meet my taste: some sacrifices accompanied by surprising hits crowned with a good draw.
My fears were allayed. The proof: I retained 5 from 12 studies. Nevertheless, I regret some studies that have been victims of inaccuracies. The final judgment will be effective December 31, 2015.

Participants : Arestov Pavel: 5,6,7,8 ; Didukh Sergiy:1* ; Dore Marcel:11,12 ; Keith Daniel:4* ; Minski Martin:1*,2,4* ; Pallier Alain:3,10 ; & Stavrietsky Alexandre:9.

My judgment: