Chess Informant 50 AT 2016, the studies to replay.

Chess Informant 50 jubilee tourney -  award by Yochanan Afek The
world famous chess periodical Sahovski Informator, founded in 1966, celebrates
its 50th anniversary by organizing an International composing tourney for
endgame studies. Privileged to act as its judge I received 36 anonymous
entries of a very good standard from the tourney director Gady Costeff to whom
I am grateful for his invaluable assistance in checking the candidate entries
for soundness and originality. Considering the potential public I gave some
priority to players' friendly entries i.e. those with digestible settings as
well as comprehensive ideas and solutions. Most of the entries luckily did
match these unwritten requests. Personally I am not particularly fond of
artificial efforts to stretch a sufficiently lengthy solution by either
multiple piece exchanges or unnecessary BTM stipulation. Two of the more
serious candidates suffering from these flaws I decided to allow a second
chance in another tourney instead of ranking them low. Two other entries
improved on studies which I had already judged in previous major events and
even awarded them prizes.I hesitated before deciding to award each of them a
special honourable mention as deserved for their efforts. Here is my ranking: