Endgame Tablebases (EGTB)


Web Query for Nalimov Endgame 6-men Tablebases.

Here you can check what the outcome of a 6-men position will be.

Thanks to Eugene Nalimov, Andrew Kadatch, Robert Hyatt, Kyrill Kryukov, Nelson Hernandez

for generating, compressing, and publishing the databases and offering them for free. 

Or use this website at shredderchess.com


For 7-men positions there are the Lomonosov Tablebases.

On this website the story about the development of it.

Programmers Zakharov and Makhnichev managed to solve this task in just 6 months

using a new algorithm designed specifically for this purpose and run on the Lomonosov supercomputer based in the Moscow State University.


Wikipedia has a interesting article about this subject.

Or look at this ChessProgramming website.